Texture Around The World

Art on a brick wall in Durham, NC

Art on a brick wall in Durham, NC

Texture is something we take for granted those of us who are not blind. Those of us who can see are usually distracted first by what we see instead of what we feel. All kinds of different textures can be found no matter where you are. We can almost see texture before feeling it as our brain makes the connection from past experiences.

Below are several textures I have found around the world.

sunshine mill winery the dalles9

Machinery texture at the Sunshine Mill Winery in The Dalles, OR


Different textures of dead broken branches, dead fallen dry leaves, a live tree trunk and live green leaves. At Eno River, Durham NC

hidden beach4

There is nothing like soft sand between your toes. Found at a hidden beach in Oregon.

flowers portland7

Maple leaf in my previous garden in Portland, OR

cancun xel ha dolphin

The texture of the skin of a dolphin is like nothing I’ve felt before.  Cancun, Mexico

agua de jamaica2

Dry hibiscus flower from Mexico. You would never guess if it was a blind test.

king ahmed tomb india14

A rough wall in India. Near the King Ahmed Tomb sight.

london park squirrel

This squirrel’s tail sure is fluffy and full of texture. Hyde Park, London, UK.

Adorable baby camels.

The fur of these baby camels is not as soft as it seems. Budapest, Hungary

washington park rose test garden

Soft petals of a rose at the Washington Park Rose Test Garden in Portland, OR

recycling truck mexico

Packed plastic in a recycling truck in Mexico City.

durham snow red bird

Snow covered branches. Duke Gardens, Durham, NC

tacos al pastor

Tacos al pastor like you’ve never had before unless you’ve had them in Mexico City.

Amazing plants found in India.

A different texture of a different plant found in India.


A pendant bird nest. Seen in my backyard in India


Peeling peanuts for homemade peanut butter in India.

colors of india

These soft powders in rural India symbolize celebration.

portland waterfront18

The texture of this white plant was like that of velvet! It surprised me. Portland, OR

Which one was your favorite? 

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