The Perfect City

Painting by Thomas Pradzynski

If I could create my own city with existing things, foods and places it would include:

The Carolina Theater from Durham, NC for a historic flare showcasing amazing independent movies and a yearly film festival with cheap but excellent concessions including beer and wine.

At every corner there would be an aguas frescas and fresh fruit stand including mango, guava, papaya, and berries like the ones found in Mexico.

Aguas frescas and fresh fruit (photo by ve gomez)

Walking distance to my home, I would place the whole of Hyde Park from London, for peaceful purposes such as people-watching, strolling, reading, and basking on the sun.

This city would be the home of the Hermitage Museum from Russia, with one of the largest collections of art in the world, as well as the architectural Pompidou Center from Paris housing a library, modern art and music.

There would be an authentic gelateria straight from Italy and a French boulangerie & patisserie offering fresh bread, the most buttery croissants, succulent chocolate tarts, and perfectly crunchy macarons.

This city would also take in the botanical gardens from Victoria, B.C.

As part of the shopping district, a Rajasthan fabric store and tailor would be there to supply home decor with stunning patterns for bedding, pillows, tapestries, and more.

A cheerful patchwork of block print fabric celebrates the colors of Rajasthan. Chain stitch embroidery, mirror work and beads, applied by hand.

For end of day and weekend relaxation, a German beer garden would be a must.

On one side of the city there would be a beach with the softest sand and warm turquoise waters like those in the Caribbean.

On the other side, there would be a mountain like Whistler Mountain, for hiking during the summer and skiing during the winter.

And of course there would be coffee and tea shops all across the city reminiscing those in Portland and often featuring live music with strings.

Coffee shop in Downtown Portland (source)

Now, who wants to live in my city? What would you add?


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