The Power of Smell

Jasmine flowers source

Smell is a powerful sense, at least for those who have a good sense of smell unlike my husband who can’t smell anything much to his advantage in many occasions.

With me, it’s a different story. I can smell alright. 

Smell can make you hungry,

smell can make you puke,

smell can bring back memories,

and also make you feel you’re an archduke.

Okay, that last one might not be true but in the middle of my thought I realized my words were sounding like a poem and decided to end them as such.

Since my sense of smell is strong, I have many favorite smells:

1. Clean laundry at my home where I grew up.

2.  Pine

3. Fresh baked cookies, or baked dessert really.

4. Roses

5. Jasmine flowers

6. Christmas (combination of pine, lots of home cooking, firewood and Mexican ponche)

7. New books

8. New cars

9. Citrus

10. Movie theater popcorn (they get me every time.)

What are some of you favourite smells?
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