The Price of a Balanced Diet Around the World

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It seems that it is getting harder to eat healthy. At least it feels that way here in the US. You have to work hard to find foods without chemicals that aren’t meant to be consumed. Also, a lot of people don’t have the time or the energy to have a balanced diet.

It is interesting to see that the cost of the same diet across the world is vastly different.

According to Numbeo, a daily shopping list for keeping a balanced diet of 2000 calories would look like this:

Milk (0.25L)
Bread (130g)
Rice (0.13kg)
Eggs (3.6)
Cheese (0.15kg)
Chicken Breasts (0.25kg)
Apples (0.34kg)
Oranges (0.34kg)
Tomatoes (0.21kg)
Potatoes (0.25kg)
Lettuce (0.15 head)

In London, the average minimum amount of money this shopping list would cost is currently £6.47

How does this compare to the rest of the world? The same shopping list costs 104% more in Hong Kong; the equivalent of £13.25. India was the cheapest, at only £1.95.

Check out the infographic below for more prices and facts:

The Price of a Balanced Diet Around the World

I was surprised on the fact that other European countries were more expensive than London. I’d like to know what the cost would be in Mexico City, since that’s were I’m from.

Were you surprised? 


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