This Week’s Small Pleasures


The week was pretty uneventful, no bad or good news but the weekend was all about good food and outdoor clothing. The things that made me happy this week were:

1. Going to visit my husband at work and finding out that I am famous amongst his co-workers from the work-lunches I make him.

2. Having an amazing dinner at an amazing Peruvian restaurant in Portland. It was just a bit more than we planned to spend on eating out that day but it was worth every penny.

3. Trader Joe’s run. My nearest Trader Joe’s is about 40 minutes away, so it is not often when I get to shop there but it’s my absolute favorite grocery store.

4. REI run. Hubby treated me to some needed hiking boots, rain jacket and wool long-sleeve shirt.

5. Homemade 2-hour bolognese sauce and pasta. Nothing like onion, garlic, carrot, celery, pancetta, veal, white wine, milk, thyme, salt and pepper coming together for the ultimate comfort pasta.

I definitely feel like I scored this weekend.

What made you happy this week? 

Weekly Small Pleasures – Blog Event

Weekly Small PleasuresShare your happiness!

I find that the small things that make us happy every day are easily forgotten.

This blog event is simply about remembering and sharing those small things that made you happy during the week; things that made you smile, made you laugh, made you do a happy dance, made your heart smile…

You can share in any format you like. For people to find your post, tag your post “Weekly Small Pleasures” and link to my most recent post for a pingback! You can also just share in the comments.

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