Top 5 Places I Have Been To

Fontana di Trevi, Rome, Italy

Fontana di Trevi, Rome, Italy

I was inspired by Alex’s post to write about my top 5 places I’ve been to. Having visited 20 countries and many more cities in the world, I’ve had the pleasure to meet many amazing places, but here are 5 that really made it to the top in my mind. 

1. Rome, Italy

Roma italyHDR

Even before I visited Italy for the first time, it was one of my favorite countries. Has this happened to you? I have a weird obsession with Italy and its culture; the food, the beauty, the people… It must be a past-life thing because I haven’t been to Italy enough to love it so much. I have even dreamt in Italian! Which I only speak minimally because it is similar to French and Spanish being a Romance language and all.

Pasta, pizza, gelato, wine, flowers, vineyards, architecture, history, fashion, tiny cars, scooters, riposo time, passion, art, the language… did I mention the food? It’s just my kind of heaven.

And I only put Rome down because it is the only city I’ve been to in Italy. I would’ve put Italy as a whole but it wouldn’t be consistent with the rest of my places.

2. London, England

Rainy day at Trafalgar Square.

Rainy day at Trafalgar Square.

I’ve written a whole post about why I fell in love with London when I lived there for a year but I’ll sum it up to:  diversity, museums, beauty, parks, public transportation, Europe, shopping, the accent, style and tea.

Also, Londoners seem to be in their own world whenever they are out and about in the city minding their own business. I really like that because I am like that.

I’d live there again in a heartbeat.

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3. Berlin, Germany

The German flag twists during a Eurocup game in Berlin.

The German flag twists during a Eurocup game in Berlin.

I wasn’t here for too long, but I liked everything about my trip to Berlin. The architecture, the history, the people, the nightlife, the beer gardens, the transportation, the cleanliness…

I think I could live there happily. For some reason it kind of reminded me of Mexico City, I think it has to do something with the historic French architecture influence in both counties. I could call Berlin the European/1st world Mexico City.

4. Mexico City, Mexico

zocalo mexico city

The Zocalo in Mexico City.

I wasn’t sure if it was fair to add my hometown, but it’s my blog and my post so I decide the rules.

I especially have appreciated this city more when I have come back as a visitor rather than a resident. I even felt kind of like a tourist when I was taking photos of things that could be categorized as normal daily life. The bad things about it I am used to, and the good things are accentuated when I come visit. I even experience some new things because I haven’t lived there in years. The best thing about Mexico is the friendliness of the people and their willingness to help out.

I also love the colorful culture and history behind it. Did you know Mexico City is the city with the most museums in the whole world? With over 140 museum buildings where you can learn about all kinds of things including cultural, social, artistic, and political heritage, you won’t ever be bored.

Of course the food, and the climate. It’s not as hot as people think because Mexico City is in a valley with an elevation of 7000 feet!

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5. Whistler, BC, Canada

whistler bc canada snow5

Whistler Mountain

Every time I have been to Whistler (via Vancouver, another amazing city) it has been a perfect trip.

Whistler mountain is a heavenly place for skiing, and Whistler town with its shops and restaurants is wonderful after a full day of skiing. The fresh crisp air, the atmosphere, and the hotel hot tub after skiing make it a height of pleasure. Also, because of the long hours of skiing, I’ve taken the best naps ever in Whistler.

Whistler has brought me a lot of happiness. There is just something about that place.

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What are your top 5?
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