Warmth Around The World


An amazing warm meal after a long hike in the snow.

During winter, we like keeping things nice and cozy and warm. Today I share with you a series of photos I have captured around the world that depict warmth in some way or another. 

astoria oregon trolley2

Warm light and cozy inside the Astoria historic trolley.

acapulco mexico beach11

Nothing like coconut ice cream on a warm day at the beach. (Acapulco)

sugarcane india4

In India, you can get a freshly squeezed sugarcane juice to fight off the warm days.


Nothing like s’mores and a fire pit for a coy and warm night outdoors.

india kids

Kids in India fight off the warm days with popsicles.

The most delicious street freshly made, warm bread you'll ever eat.

The most delicious street freshly made, warm bread you’ll ever eat. (Budapest)

Sunset in Acapulco, Mexico

Warm colors during a sunset in Acapulco, Mexico

Simba and Cubby

This is the epitome of warmth: fireplace, Christmas tree and cozy kitties.


Warm sunlight showers downtown Seattle.

oregon buddhist temple

Oranges and yellows create a warm and inviting environment at the Buddhist temple.

father and son

You can see the warm fatherly love from this kid’s eyes.


A traditional birthday ritual celebration involving fire in India.

chicken dinner chatai

A warm welcome to our first house in India. These guys brought homemade chicken dinner as a gift.

What is your ideal warm day? Day at the beach, fireplace, camping and fire pits?

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