Where In Europe Are You Most Likely To Be A Victim Of Pickpocketing?

pickpocket infographic

Europe is infamous for pickpocketers (just made up that word, I think), and for good reason. They are truly everywhere, but you can get lucky too. I don’t know the statistics but I’ve been to Europe many times and lived there for almost a year, and I only got close to almost being pickpocketed (that’s not a word either, is it?) once in 2008. The person I was with saved me. He turned around just before the pickpocketer was about to grab the visible wallet out of my bag (okay, that was my bad.) He got caught and ran away and that was the end of it. No, I didn’t chase him away, cursing away like a maniac. Could’ve made a better story though. My reaction was more of a silent wtf and went on with my life. That’s kind of how I react to life in general.

My debit card information was stolen once too in London when I bought something at a vintage store, but that’s a different problem for a different day. Just don’t let them hide your card behind the counter out of your visibility, alright?

Anyway, I have a lovely, informative infographic (redundant?) below for you to be aware of where in some countries in Europe are you most likely to be pickpocketed. These people like to hang out in touristy areas for sure but try to be safe everywhere, and don’t have your wallet stupidly sticking out from your bag like negligent 19 year-old me, because I wasn’t in a tourist area when I was almost a victim of this.

(Infographic brought to you by Citybase Apartments)

Have you ever been a victim of pickpockets?

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