White Around The World

Shadows zigzag at the Museum of Flight, Seattle

A white bridge at the Museum of Flight, Seattle

In honor of the record low temperatures and masses of white snow that the US East Coast has been getting, I present to you a photo collection of the color white around the world from across my travels.

The color of fresh snow and milk, white, can emanate a very peaceful feeling often representing light rather than darkness, purity and cleanliness.

I don’t know about you but some of my favorite simple pleasures in life are freshly clean bed sheets, and milk and cookies. Both featuring the color white or its depiction.

Please enjoy these photos of white places and things I’ve captured from around the globe:

acapulco mexico elcano

Our mostly white hotel room in Acapulco, Mexico

val disere skiing france11

After sliding down the hill, we look like tiny little dots in the vast white snow in Val D’Isere, France

oregon brew fest portland17

Beer signs at the Oregon Brew Fest. Would you like to try any of these?

vienna albertina museum

This beautiful white building is the Albertina art museum in Vienna, Austria

Our current home.

Our current white residence.

duke gardens durham snow7

Red benches and brown trees stand out from the white snow covered Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina

Saint Petersburg airport

A white German plane at the Saint Petersburg, Russia airport

Snowy Hyde Park

Snowy Hyde Park, London

acapulco mexico beach11

Enjoying the best fresh white coconut ice cream at the beach in Acapulco.

Streusel making demonstration.

A lot of white in the kitchen during this Apple Streusel making demonstration in Vienna, Austria.

ganesha statue

A big hand-carved white statue of Ganesha ready to be painted for the festival. (India)

Adorable baby camels.

Adorable baby white and brown camels.

Old car in India

Old white car in India

Moscow, Russia

The colors really pop in this mostly white building in Moscow, Russia

Budapest, Hungary

A fantasy looking white scenery in Budapest, Hungary

museum of flight seattle

Exiting the mostly white and real International Space Station. The sleeping pod is on the right. Museum of Flight, Seattle

portland waterfront18

A beautiful white fuzzy-feeling plant I came across in Portland.

kheer rice pudding

Delicious Homemade Kheer in India. (Indian rice pudding)

Freshly delivered containers with fresh milk in India.

The white dressed Indian milkman delivers fresh white milk containers.

Which one was your favorite?

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