“How Did God Tell You To Move To India?”

“How Did God Tell You To Move To India?”
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I have actually gotten this question a few times, along with the question: “why did you move to India?”

In my “About Me” page I tell you that we moved to India because God “said” so.

Let me elaborate.

My husband and I try to live a life surrendered to God, and as a result our life is a continuos adventure. In the past four years, this has led us to spend time in South Carolina, New Hampshire, North Carolina, India, and Oregon. We are not tied to any given place, and we try to let God work through us as much as possible and lead us through life. Sometimes we forget and momentarily take the reins ourselves; this is the constant struggle, as we are following a “silent master.” If only He would just tell us directly what His wish and will are, life would be so much easier for us. But everyday we struggle to know what that wish is and try to do our best. When He is in a good mood and our hearts are open, he’ll “speak” to us through our hearts and our intuition. And that is how He told us to move to India.

Last February we traveled to India for a short 10 day trip. That’s when the “feeling” started. When we went back to our home in Durham the feeling continued. We both felt it. But then our minds started to weigh in and from the feeling we decided to move to India after two years. It sounded right to us and we had a few commitments in Durham. But then, God “told” us, that He wanted us to move now/as soon as possible. Not in two years. We forget that when God wants something or asks you to do something, it’s not whenever you feel like, it is now/as soon as possible.

Four months later we moved to India. It was how long it took us to get visas, find a new home for our cats, sell and donate everything we had, and afford the one-way tickets to India. We assumed this was a permanent/indefinite move; we left nothing behind.

The purposes we can only guess, but I know He has many purposes to any given “order”. Our general purpose is to serve Him and love Him by serving and loving His people.

We are not missionaries and we are not religious. We simply believe in God, and believe in serving and loving Him.

He is very strict with our financial status because this way He can control us better. Well, lead us better, if you will. He likes to keep us broke so that we won’t indulge in silly worldly attachments, but He always provides a roof on top of our heads and food for our bellies. He also leads us by blocking many ideas and projects and actions that we take. One way for us to let Him lead us, is by trying different things and letting Him either block it or bless it. Most of the time He blocks it.

Living a life surrendered to God is not easy by any means, and it has led to many broken relationships but we wouldn’t choose to live it differently.

For me personally, I have found that if you live for God, He provides you with the strength to do things you never thought you could do.

I am still working on getting better at this life, I still backtrack by indulging in this material world, but I am working on it. I’m not planning on becoming this human who can go days without eating and wear barely any clothes and live through any kind of weather. I am just trying to live a simpler life, with less and less greed, anger and lust, and not trying to care about worldly things that don’t matter but at the same time meet my responsibilities, especially towards others. Speaking of others, a big one is trying to live a selfless life. That would be my ultimate goal.

Traveling has always been one of my favorite things. But now it has become part of my life. I don’t get to choose where I travel anymore, and there is certainly no more luxury involved; I am not a tourist anymore (I fantasize about this kind of travel though). I am just a traveler guided by God, I am a wanderer who doesn’t have a permanent home, a nomad in a way, but instead of seeking fresh pasture for livestock, I am seeking the truth and to serve God, wherever that may be.

I am surprised my old friends don’t call me Waldo, because they are often wondering where in the world I am. I think they do think I am bit crazy sometimes, but they still love me. And honestly, living a life surrendered to God, doesn’t come with praise from others or meeting anyone’s expectations or people approving of what you do… it actually comes with people thinking you are a little or a lot crazy. So there’s a warning for you, if you were planning on entering this path. And if you’re on it already, you know what I mean. It simply doesn’t match society’s norms.

.  .  .

Right now we are stranded in Portland. What was a one month visa renewal trip, turned into a 9 week visa renewal trip, and now over three months in Portland; circumstances have led us to stay and we are awaiting for our next orders. In the meantime we will try things, and see what sticks.  So far all we have had to do is nothing and patiently wait for a prompt to go somewhere or do something. Sometimes God just wants you to sit still.

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