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Yesterday was International Women’s Day. To be honest, I am not a feminist in any way and for a couple years in High School I preferred hanging out with guys, they were easier and less judgemental. But there are definitely women in my life who have been and are very important to me.

With that said, here are some women from my travels:

st petersburg russia folk dance1

Russian women dancing traditional Russian folk.

mpr meher darbar snacks india

A woman in advertisement for chips.

bite of oregon woman day of the dead

This woman paints her face like a Mexican skull.

woman brain duke durham

A woman holds a human brain at Duke University.

woman india amartithi

This woman’s eyes have infinite stories.

Cleaning ladies chatting away.

Cleaning ladies chatting away.

acapulco pool mexico coconut

My mother, a great woman drinking from a coconut.

A woman wearing a blue sari in India.

An Indian woman.

portland saltandstraw ice cream1

This cheerful woman serves some really delicious ice cream.


The Henna Lady.

india moms rural

Women walk with their children and dog.


Me and some women in India

chapultepec castle mexico city mask

My English friend visits Mexico.

fresh corn tortillas

Women making fresh tortillas, yum!

indian women police

Women in India in uniform.


This woman carries fresh milk to her family.

field farmers

Indian women at work harvesting mung beans. 

indian cooking

Our wonderful cook in India.

Which photo was your favorite?


    • I agree you can be a feminist and hang out with guys 😉 I’m just not one hehe. And unfortunately I think there are a lot of feminists (not all, of course) who are going to extremes and do hate men, and are doing things like aborting babies when they find out they are boys. This happened in the US.

      • I loved the photos too! Awesome! I just wanted to reiterate Clara’s comments on feminism. It doesn’t just mean man hating women or that we are better than men, or that we don’t need men. At the core of being a feminist is that one support women’s rights and equality. From the dictionary, “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.” For example, I am equal to my husband but society doesn’t always treat me as an equal. I think a lot of women fear being labeled a feminist because they don’t want people to think they hate men. There is a spectrum to feminism and yes, some are extreme but we shouldn’t forget that it really means being equal and fighting for that equality. Some people are just more active feminists than others. Does this even make sense? 😛

        • Thanks Richa. Yes, I know this is what straight up feminism means, and it’s certainly not a bad thing as you describe it. But like I said, there are tons of feminists who do not have that same vision and probably gives feminism a bad name. I’m certainly not opposed to equality haha, but I’m also not a feminist. I almost feel like the word itself already pushes away from the meaning “equality” as the word “female” is part of it. I would almost prefer it people fought for gender equality, period, instead of going with “girl power”, etc. Men are simply jus better as a lot of things than women are, and maybe we should accept that. Anyway, I appreciate your comment!

  1. They are all wonderful! I sure am curious about your travels.. I could eat tortillas every day. One of my grandmothers used to make them and I recall them hot off the stove with butter…Mmmm! But if I did, I would really be a gordita.. unless I gave up eating other foods.. lol!


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