9 Natural Ways To Cure Jet Lag


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve experienced jet lag in my life. I was only 6 years old the first time I traveled west to east across many time zones arriving in India. I have tried many different things to avoid jet lag but the truth is, it is not possible to avoid it. There are things, however, to make it last less and make the most out of your trip.  Continue reading “9 Natural Ways To Cure Jet Lag”

Weekly Small Pleasures #101


This was our first week in our new apartment and there were a lot of happenings for me. More than usual. And several small pleasures came out of it. Check them out.  Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #101”

50 Essential Wilderness Backpacking Tips


The wilderness is full of unexpected surprises so it’s always best to take precautions before undertaking a trip into the wild. It’s best to be smart rather than reckless and careless thinking that nothing is going to happen. Before a backpacking trip, be prepared for any eventuality that could go wrong, I promise it’s better safe than sorry in these situations.   Continue reading “50 Essential Wilderness Backpacking Tips”

The Perfect Vacation For Every Family Member

What makes the perfect family vacation? It has to be something that the entire family can enjoy, a place where they can experience something new as a family, and most importantly it has to be fun. In this article we will look at four different types of family vacations and why they will make your next family vacation memorable. Continue reading “The Perfect Vacation For Every Family Member”

10 Etiquette Rules for Flying Economy Class


Flying economy class has its ups and downs. Ups? It’s way cheaper. Downs? Probably everything else, at least compared to Business and First Class. Especially when airlines have been trying to be skimpy, cram in as many seats as possible in a plane, and stop offering complimentary services. What happened to free peanuts?  Continue reading “10 Etiquette Rules for Flying Economy Class”

Weekly Small Pleasures #100

100?? Wow. I never imagined I’d keep doing this for this long. But I realized it’s fun. It’s fun and nice to look back on the week on a positive note, and even when my weeks were nothing but gloomy it has forced me to look for something good and to be grateful. I have realized that finding things, however small, to be grateful for in our day to day life, allows us to live a happier life.

This week didn’t comprise many pleasures, but it did include one big one and one other abstract one, but even better.  Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #100”

48 Hours in London – Guide For First Timers


Spending 48 hours in the British capital requires a tight itinerary if you want to get the most out of this city. From exploring must-see attractions to eating delicious street food, experiencing a musical on Broadway and pub-hopping to extravagant nightclubs, there’s so much to see and do in this short span of time. If it is your first time in the city, this guide will give you a 48-hour snapshot to help you sketch your days, so that you don’t miss out anything important. Continue reading “48 Hours in London – Guide For First Timers”