Narrow Around The World

dallas airport dfw

I love narrow spaces. They are fun to me. Narrow bridges (better if they’re hanging), narrow labyrinth paths, narrow alleyways in cool towns, narrow caves, narrow hiking trails overlooking cliffs… I guess you could say I’m the opposite of claustrophobic, I enjoy the thrill of spaces like these. The thrill where it feels like there is danger, but really there is none, okay sometimes there is, especially when you’re hiking along a cliff.  Continue reading “Narrow Around The World”

Around The World In 10 Steaks

around the world steaks

Steak is simply the favourite food of many people around the world. It seems to bring a lot of satisfaction to one’s palate, stomach, and even heart. How does the saying go? Happy stomach, happy heart…? Okay, nobody says that, but it sounds right, right?  Continue reading “Around The World In 10 Steaks”

How Do You Follow Your Heart When You Can’t?

Another day gone by and I wake up with my heart aching. I thought it was getting better but it’s not. I’m here, yet my heart is somewhere else. And it’s not as easy as just following it. I can’t leave and I can’t really explain why in sensical terms, especially to those who are people of science and not of God. I can be quite illogical.  Continue reading “How Do You Follow Your Heart When You Can’t?”

Packing Hacks Every Traveler Needs to Know

The post below was originally published on Hipmunk’s Tailwind Blog on April 8, 2016 by TheHipmunk.

Gallivanting around Madrid or conducting business in San Francisco? Wherever you’re going—and whatever you’re planning to do there—you’ll need to pack a bag before you leave for the trip.

But even though packing is universal to travelers, packing well isn’t necessarily a skill that we all share. That’s where these packing hacks come in. Each of these smart tips comes recommended by master travelers and promises you an easier trip from start to finish.   Continue reading “Packing Hacks Every Traveler Needs to Know”

The Best Global Cities to Blend Business and Pleasure


(Image via Flickr by David Russo)

The post below was originally published on Hipmunk’s Tailwind Blog on April 14, 2016 by TheHipmunk.

Business or leisure? Why not both? For those lucky enough to travel for business, we suggests turning business trips into mini vacations, or what some call “bleisure” trips. The cities below are known for their economic prowess as well as their entertainment dexterity, making them perfect for bleisure. With stunning skylines, rich cultural sites, wilderness centers and upbeat night scenes, these cities are the ideal places to blend business with more than just a dash of pleasure. Continue reading “The Best Global Cities to Blend Business and Pleasure”

5 Indian Desserts To Try

india2015 sweetshop

Desserts are a great way to end a satisfying meal in almost every culture in the world. It’s the cherry on top to follow any meal, not quite literally. There are cultures who have a weakness for sweets more than others, including Mexico and India, bringing people together through gatherings and celebrations and even places of worship. Continue reading “5 Indian Desserts To Try”

Weekly Small Pleasures #92

Another week has come and gone. Still picking up the pieces from shattered glass. Still trying to adapt to a new situation and accepting that things will never go back to how they used to be. Accepting that permanent changes have been made, and adjusting to them. Trying to deal with uncertainty of the future. Still holding on.

But things have calmed down a bit. Still a bit of an emotional rollercoaster, but definitely less intense. Slowly coming to terms. Learning a ton in the process, especially about myself.  Continue reading “Weekly Small Pleasures #92”