4 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Charlotte NC

4 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Charlotte NC
North Carolina is an underrated state in the U.S. with so much to offer, including fantastic food, rich history, wonderful accommodation options, beautiful landscapes, and engaging cities. Charlotte, the Queen City, has all of these things. In fact, it might surprise you to hear that Charlotte is the biggest city in North Carolina and the largest banking center in the U.S. after New York. Though Charlotte may be primarily a business town, you can look

Hipmunk Hotels: Places to Stay in North Carolina — Durham, Charlotte, Wilmington, Asheville and Chapel Hill

North Carolina has a diverse landscape ranging from beaches, mountains, and cool cities in between with lots of history. If you haven't gotten to know this state yet, you will not regret a visit. If you don't know where to start, the cities of Durham, Charlotte, Wilmington, Asheville, and Chapel Hill all have plenty of things to do. Each has their own charming personality. Keep reading to learn about places to stay in North Carolina.  (more…)

One of My Favorite Experiences – Volunteering At The Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

One of My Favorite Experiences – Volunteering At The Full Frame Documentary Film Festival
[caption id="attachment_1591" align="alignnone" width="630"] Volunteering at the Full Frame Festival.[/caption] During our 3 years of living in Durham, North Carolina (2010-2013), my husband and I volunteered at the annual Full Frame Documentary Film Festival and it was my favorite event of the year. I always looked forward to it, and I still miss it. I wish I could volunteer this year!  (more…)

A Free Symphony Orchestra Performance in the Middle of the Street

One summer's day in Durham, North Carolina, we were driving around when we suddenly heard some classical music and it sounded like it was live. As we got closer we realized it was the Durham Symphony playing in the the middle of the street giving a free performance! Families were sitting on the adjacent park/grass with lawn chairs listening to this wonderful music. We had to join them. (more…)

Strawberry Picking and Tomato Tasting in Durham, North Carolina

From 2010 to 2013 we lived in Durham, North Carolina and we got to know this amazing town. Did you know it won the title from Southern Living for "Tastiest Town in the South"? There is a lot of amazing local food and chefs and craft beer and craft ice cream and craft donuts. My favorite restaurant, Guglhupf, is in Durham too. So we partook in some down to its roots food related activities during the

Duke University Photowalk – Carnivorous Plants, Human Brains and Canine Science

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="960"] Duke University Greenhouse[/caption] My hubby and I partook on a super duper interesting photowalk in Duke University in Durham, North Carolina. The photowalk consisted of four locations: the greenhouse with a live specimen collection, the Canine Cognitive Center, the French Family Science Center, and finally, human brain interaction at the science center.  (more…)

The Charm Of The Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham, NC

The Sarah P. Duke Gardens in Durham, North Carolina became one of my favorite spots in Durham during my 3 years living there. My hubby even proposed to me here! And there are several weddings happening throughout the year. It's just a wonderful place to come and hang out with nature, enjoy the surroundings, people-watch, wildlife-watch, and it is enjoyable during any season. (more…)