41 Iconic Cakes and Biscuits In The UK

41 Iconic Cakes and Biscuits In The UK
Of course, we know that a cup of tea or a "cuppa" is quintessential UK, and it's the solution for every mood. Are you sad? Sick? Celebrating good news? How about a cuppa? And often, this warm cups of yumminess are accompanied with even more yumminess in the form of baked goods. Cakes and biscuits in the UK take all shapes and forms. They can also serve as a mid-afternoon snack, or something to satisfy

What To Do If You Only Have One Day In 11 European National Parks

What To Do If You Only Have One Day In 11 European National Parks
When thinking about Europe do you picture yourself exploring wonderful cities like Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Dublin, Helsinki? Sure, enjoying the city life in Europe visiting museums, eating out, walking around, is nothing short of exciting and fun. But often overlooked are nearly 500 breathtaking European National Parks across the continent. For those who love the outdoors, stunning landscapes, and recharging in nature, a visit to a national park while in Europe should be considered. (more…)

An Illustrated Guide to Weird British Expressions

Britain and British folk are a weird bunch, and possibly their weirdest trait is their expressions. If you didn't grow up in this sovereign state but you're fluent in English, you might still find yourself not understanding what you hear when in the UK. While the origin of some of these expressions dates back a long way, these strange, bizarre, and wonderful expressions of speech find their way in modern times. (more…)

5 Reasons You Need to Visit Ireland

Ireland is an enchanting country. It might not be one at the top of your list but once you get there you'll realize you've been missing out. Ireland is a small country, modernizing but keeping its breathtaking ancient landscapes and some of the friendliest people on earth. Even if it's rainy, which happens a lot, you'll be certainly received with a warm welcome. There are many reasons to visit Ireland, and below you'll find five that

48 Hours in London – Guide For First Timers

48 Hours in London – Guide For First Timers
Spending 48 hours in the British capital requires a tight itinerary if you want to get the most out of this city. From exploring must-see attractions to eating delicious street food, experiencing a musical on Broadway and pub-hopping to extravagant nightclubs, there's so much to see and do in this short span of time. If it is your first time in the city, this guide will give you a 48 hours in London snapshot to

Exploring Greece: A Wild Camping Adventure

This a guest post written by Joey Holmes about her time wild camping in Greece. Greece has, for a long time, been the perfect destination for travellers on a budget looking for guaranteed sunshine throughout the summer months. The varied and stunning ancient history, excellent food, pristine beaches and long sunny days holds huge appeal for European holidaymakers, many of whom go for incomprehensibly cheap (and often tacky) package holiday deals. But we wanted to see

Top 5 European Cities For Foodies

(Image via Flickr by Connie Ma) Some people like to choose their travel destination based on landmarks, museums, and outdoor activities. Nowadays, there is an increasing number of people nurturing a passion for food: the foodies! These people love visiting food markets, trying new restaurants, and cooking with new ingredients; finding pleasure whether it be sipping wine in Bordeaux, eating pizza in Naples, or having a one-of-a-kind dining experience at a Michelin-star restaurant in Copenhagen. Many companies are

The Ultimate European Road Trip

When I think of road trips I think of America first. I think if you grew up in the US, road trips were quintessential. The United States is such a vast country, and each state could be its own country considering culture differences and size; but in Europe, you can take a road trip and traverse actual several countries in a few hours. Europe offers something for everyone and you can plan a road trip

Where In Europe Are You Most Likely To Be A Victim Of Pickpocketing?

Europe is infamous for pickpocketers (just made up that word, I think), and for good reason. They are truly everywhere, but you can get lucky too. I don't know the statistics but I've been to Europe many times and lived there for almost a year, and I only got close to almost being pickpocketed (that's not a word either, is it?) once in 2008. The person I was with saved me. He turned around just before the

How To Travel Europe Like A Local

Isn't Europe wonderful? One of the great things about this continent is that the countries within it are so different from each other in spite of their small territories and short distances from each other. There is a huge cultural difference between European capitals and it's good to know some of these while traveling there. For example, while it is acceptable to take away your leftovers after a meal in London, it is kind of embarrassing