5 Indian Desserts To Try

Desserts are a great way to end a satisfying meal in almost every culture in the world. It's the cherry on top to follow any meal, not quite literally. There are cultures who have a weakness for sweets more than others, including Mexico and India, bringing people together through gatherings and celebrations and even places of worship. (more…)

55 Best Weekend Getaways Near Mumbai

Do you live in Mumbai or are you just visiting and you're looking for a weekend getaway to explore a new place? Sometimes we need a break from the big city and there are many options near and around Mumbai to go visit with all kinds of activities and sceneries including stunning waterfalls, staying in tree houses, trekking up amazing hills, or even having fun at adventure parks for the adrenaline junkies. (more…)

Quintessentially Indian: 5 New Kurti Styles for Modern Women

Kurtis make a quiet departure from the usual knee-length hem, three-fourth sleeve pattern. They have transformed into versatile trendy clothing options while retaining their ethnic beauty. For years now, kurtis have been unceremoniously dumped into the category of ‘traditional’ Indian clothing. Often cut as a piece of upper clothing so sedate that it bordered on boring, the kurti has only now managed to reinvent itself as a versatile Indian style that looks great even when

Top 10 Places to Visit in Rajasthan

“Dharti Dhora Ri…” In other words Rajasthan. It’s the largest state in India. It is called “Dharti Dhora Ri” OR “Land of Sand” because it covers the great Thar Desert in it. In Rajasthan, with your every pace the language changes. Generally, the language is known as Rajasthani. But in Jodhpur it is called Marwari and in Mewar it is called Mewari. Slight twist in pronunciations mixed with new words. But not to worry, other than Rajasthani

11 Things That Will Happen When You Move To India

11 Things That Will Happen When You Move To India
There are things you expect when you move to a new country, but there are many others that may come as a surprise, the little things that make up a culture. A move to India is not the exception. When I lived in India I definitely learned some new things about the daily life that I could've only understood by living it myself.  Here are a few of those things: (more…)

Food Trucks Roll Into India – Here Are 7 To Try

Food Trucks Roll Into India – Here Are 7 To Try
Meals on wheels are starting to become a thing in India. In a culture where quick street meals, meals to go, and lunchboxes are very common for the working class and students, food trucks are increasingly gaining popularity. Food trucks are very popular in America because you can find amazing food for a great price and a good variety of international food. They are starting to roll in in India with grilled cheese, BBQ, and paletas. They are sure