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Hi! I’m Mani (short for Manija), my name is from India but I was born and raised in Mexico City. In 2008 I met my soulmate (an American) while traveling in India and eventually followed him to the US.

In this blog I write about wandering around the world, travel guides and tips, photography tips, eating and cooking (mostly healthy), and my unpredictable life moving constantly while attempting to lead a simple life and follow God.

Some of my favorite things to do are to travel, to eat and to take photos, and those are the main topics you’ll see on this blog along with personal writing. I have been to over 20 countries and lived in 8 different places, and I love sharing my travel experiences and lessons.

Why “A New Life Wandering”?

wan·der·ing [won-der-ing] adjective

  1. moving from place to place without a fixed plan; roaming; rambling.
  2. having no permanent residence; nomadic.

I definitely fit those definitions.

The “New Life” part of the title comes from making a drastic change to my life in 2009 when I decided to leave my comfortable and “normal” life, go against people’s and society’s expectations, drop out of college, move to a different country, be cut off financially from my dad, join my soulmate, and live a life trying to surrender to God.

Here is a brief timeline to give you an idea of my life:

2008 – July- Josh (a Californian) and I (a Mexican) met in India.

2008 – September – I moved from Mexico City to London to study filmmaking.

2009 – I left university and my comfortable life, went against all of my friends’ and family’s expectations, and moved from Mexico City to the US.

2010 – Josh and I left South Carolina and road-tripped along the US East Coast (Florida to New Hampshire) stopping in Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, New York, Maine and New Hampshire to find a place to live and finally randomly settled in North Carolina. It was a “throw a dart at the map” kind of thing.

2010-2013 – We lived in Durham, North Carolina, got married twice, and moved 3 times (within Durham).

2013We moved to India, leaving nothing behind. Also, this blog was born.

2013 – In late September, we arrived at Portland, Oregon to renew our Indian visas, and circumstances led us to stay. We lived here for 8 months.

2014 – In May, we moved to the country in Deer Island, Oregon (35 miles from Portland) with two friends who bought a historical former school.

2016 – In February, we moved to Logan, Utah.

2016 – August 23, we moved to Austin, Texas!

2017 – August 24 – we became parents! Baby girl was born in Austin.

Sit back and enjoy this unpredictable journey with us!

Links to help you getting started

Note: All of the photography in this blog is mine, unless otherwise stated and credited in a caption. All original material is subject to copyright and permission is required to use it.
At times, my posts may contain links to products and services. If you make a purchase from one of these links, I receive a small commission. You don’t pay extra through these links. I only share content that I think will be valuable to my readers and all opinions are mine and genuine.


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  2. Thanks so much for your blog Mani, it’s really interesting reading about Indian culture from your perspective. I’m writing a novel based in India and your blog has helped me understand certain events I’m including in the book, especially your post about the birthday party. I see by your map you haven’t visited Australia yet? I highly recommend it! Though I might be a little bias since I am an Aussie 😉
    God bless you

    • Hi Steph! I’m so glad I was able to help somehow. And no, I haven’t visited Australia yet but I would sure love to! All the best, and good luck with the novel.

  3. i just discovered your blog since i might be moving to india to study (i’m from canada) and to live there for some time and i came across your india post, you live an interesting life!

    You should add 2015 to your brief timeline section 🙂

  4. Wow what a crazy timeline and turn of events! It’s great to read how your lives “bounced” from one place to another and how you just went with the flow. Looking forward to seeing what’s next!

  5. Wow, definitely one of the most interesting blogs that I’ve come upon recently. So many informative and entertaining posts. Great job, and I look forward to future posts!

  6. Thank you for liking Parkinson’s and the Mindfulness of Stress, it is appreciated… I love your pictures! I got your not earlier, let me know if you have any questions! I’m going to follow you.

  7. Hi Mani! Your life journey has been a roller coaster of sorts, from meeting your husband to stories of your cat! 🙂 And it’s not always been easy. Appreciate the fact that you chronicle each high and low and take some kind of learning of it. Makes the everyday more bearable, right? Did I say, you’ve got a pretty awesome blog! Look forward to reading more. Have a great week!

  8. Hi Mani, Glad to have found a fellow travel lover. I love the look of your blog. Looking forward to following your adventures. What a wonderful story of how you both met. I also met my husband in India! So we have another thing in common! 🙂

  9. I find your story very interesting! We’re living a nomadic life as well between Ukraine, UK, Germany, China, Russia and Czech Republic and bringing up our two daughters as two tiny expats. Will be following your blog and joining your Sunday feature!

  10. omg, my heart just went to you! i love how the blogging community can make this world such a small place and find people who started the same journey as you, you’re such an inspiration!

  11. Interesting site … I’m sold with the header 🙂 i like looking in people’s lives and enjoy with their adventures 🙂
    Also, thanks for following my blog, hope you enjoy it too.

  12. I was indeed late to join the party. Seems like something out of a movie! Thanks for the background info! I’m sure you’ll see my name pop up in a few other posts comment section 😛



  13. Well you two certainly have an interesting story! I bet my wife and I have a lot in common with you! I am from the US, and she is from Buryatia, a republic of Russia in Siberia. Green card and visa issues, we understand all of that! So far we have been able to spend 5 weeks in India, but hope for more! Great blog! Alex

  14. Oh how wonderful! I’m German and met my husband who is from France while working in Malaysia, and we’ve lived and worked in numerous countries since (currently we’re in sunny Australia). I can’t imagine anything more exciting than this type of life! Looking forward to reading more of your posts 🙂


  15. Hi Mani! I’m so excited you found my wordpress blog as well, which also led me to your blog! I’m a fan of your tumblr too, so glad you blog about your experiences and adventures! I agree with your comment on my blog- we have LOTS in common and you seem lovely 🙂 My fiancee (who is from Mexico City too!) and I are in the process of moving to be together finally, and you and your husbands story is inspiring. It’s not easy being an international couple who’s trying to finally be together for good. Thank you for sharing your story!

  16. Hi, Mani! Thanks for checking out my blog.
    I can’t remember how I stumbled across yours, but I’ve loved reading about your journey through life, especially your latest city v country conundrum. All the best for life on Deer Island, OR. I’m really looking forward to finding out what happens next 🙂

  17. Yours is an inspiring story 🙂 ..Looking forward to know what happens next?
    I do not know if God, in physical form, exists or not. But I know one thing that his presence can be felt in nature and by loving people. I am sure you will find both opportunities in India as it is a beautiful country and people are loving in nature.

  18. Hi Mani! I see you are from Mexico City! LOVE THAT CITY! Have been there many times when I was living in Texas. Now I am too far away to get back there easily…but I still have fab memories of all my trips. Love your blog!

  19. I am not sharing your faith in a supposed « god » but I thing what you both did by donating everything and moving to India is an amazing thing and it makes this supposed « god » living and « real ».

  20. Wishing you the best for your future adventures in India. I must say that both of you are very gutsy indeed!

    BTW, you could pass of for an Indian. Do you get that from the locals or do they instantly categorize you as a “foreigner”?

  21. it was nice knowing you.. a multi talented couple.. I have not stayed away ever from my family.. going to married in next 20 days and its making me tense and anxious how will I adjust in new place.. very impressive you left your country, people and enjoying new place and culture.. hope things turn out to be good for me and I adapt fast.. Take care 🙂

  22. I just stumbled onto your blog….. this is the FIRST ‘blog’ I have ever read!! I am a Christian and am so interested in your ‘spiritual’ journey… I would like to know, if God told you to go on this journey, what do you think His mission for you is in this experience? Are you in India to ‘help’ those people or just for the experience? Do you plan to stay there indefinitely? I admire your obedience in HIS direction of your life. jsrdh

    • Hi Judi, I’m flattered. He definitely had a “mission” for us, and sometimes we have an idea of what it was/is, but we can never be sure. I do know He works through us because of our surrender and I even think He has multiple “missions” for us happening simultaneously. But to keep on answering your question, we didn’t move for just the experience, it was definitely to help others somehow, through God. We have been in Portland OR for a couple months now (you can read a few posts about why), our plan was to stay in India indefinitely, bur right now, to be honest, we have no idea what God has planned for us. We don’t know when or whether to fly back to India, or stay here for a different “mission”. We’ll find out soon enough. Thanks for your comment Judi.
      Merry Christmas,

  23. Hi .. Happy to Know about you and your journey.. I am also thinking just like you .. and agree with you on your all points..
    It gave me power to do it .. only the problem comes is the Moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    I believe “Life Is Like That”.

  24. I came across your page as I was searching for support in learning to ride a scooter. I moved to Taiwan three months ago to take up a year contract teaching English to Taiwanese children. Here they ride scooters everywhere and I would love to join them. Although I have learnt to ride geared bikes and my father is in fact a motorbike instructor in the UK I am struggling with my moving off. Like you I thought I would just jump on and ride off on my merry way. On my first practice I had a successful ride but then I had difficulty with stopping the scooter on my second outing and I ended up riding into the back of another scooter and into the wall before I let go of the throttle and it came to a stop. I am now scared when I go back to the same place so my progress is very slow. However I would like to take a scooter and ride round the country when we have 10 days vacation for Chinese New Year in January so I am putting pressure on myself to take my test by the end of December to have time to buy a scooter and have time on the roads. I would like to know have you been any more successful since your first attempt on the scooter?

    • Hi there, I have actually attempted to ride the scooter only about three or four times. I really wanted to ride but I didn’t have the motivation like you have for your vacation. So I have not mastered the art of scooter riding but I do have to say that by the third or fourth time, I was getting better and driving further. There was definitely hope for improvement the more I tried. It also takes confidence; fear is not your friend. I suggest you keep trying and take it easy. Good luck!

  25. Hi Mani,
    Same as Rahul, search for Nutribullet brought me here. Great to know that you are living in India. Your name sounds like Indian. Wishing you happy and peaceful stay in Inda. I like your perspective on God. To love God, one no need to be religious. Live a good life and enjoy every moment of your life. You will have a great time with your loving husband Jose and please convery my regards to him. May God bless the lovely couple. Take care.

  26. A search for “buying Nutribullet in India” got me here, and then I suddenly found myself laughing and loving your blog. How crazy is that.

    Btw, let me know if you’re up for selling that Nutribullet of yours? It’s a good deal now that you can’t use it as-is. Hehe ;D

    Hope you make the most of everything in India. Padharo mhare des!

    • Hi Rahul! Thanks for your sweet comment. Right now my husband and I are stuck in the US getting our Indian visas renewed, but when we go back to India and if I can’t find the correct voltage inverter, I’d definitely consider selling my nutribullet. 🙂
      – M

  27. Totally makes sense!!..I understand fully.. kind of thought that is what you meant! I just am having a hard time with someone who comes and does dishes etc… Heading across the street in a bit for tea with Nimmi and I am going to do some more ‘prodding’… I said to her why do you need someone to do your dishes….and she replied in her sometimes curt way.. “well.. you have a dishwashing machine don’t you”? LOL… eh eh… I am not buying this!… Do these people come in need financial support? Is it expensive? GOD I wish I had one (or two) here!!…
    Love your blog! I’ll hanging out probably till you leave!!!…. and I don’t think that will be any time soon….just popped over to your IG acct and left a comment…. Later! Make more trouble for me!! So I can bother Nimmi, LOL

  28. I just came back here an reread your “things about you”.. I am trying to figure out what it is when you said “when our work is done”.. what work? Josh’s? he on a contract? Did you buy your house or did you rent it… I cannot believe people come in and wash your dishes for you!!! Yikes!… What does that work out to a day? I wonder if I could survive there with all I now know about India. I have known my Indian Friend Nimmi for 28 yrs and know more about the customs and curiousities from you than her!! Keep talking.. I find it fascinating!! Annette


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