What To Do If You Only Have One Day In 11 European National Parks

What To Do If You Only Have One Day In 11 European National Parks
When thinking about Europe do you picture yourself exploring wonderful cities like Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Dublin, Helsinki? Sure, enjoying the city life in Europe visiting museums, eating out, walking around, is nothing short of exciting and fun. But often overlooked are nearly 500 breathtaking European National Parks across the continent. For those who love the outdoors, stunning landscapes, and recharging in nature, a visit to a national park while in Europe should be considered. (more…)

Planning the Best Trip to Kobe, Japan

Planning the Best Trip to Kobe, Japan
Outlined by mountains along Osaka Bay, Kobe is Japan's sixth largest city and one of the nation's most picturesque and multicultural cities. Its rich history comes from its longtime role as a maritime gateway to foreign traders and expatriate settlers. One of the best things about Kobe is its relatively small size, which makes most sights and attractions easily accessible by foot. As a result, Kobe is a pleasant city to explore. Its main attractions

The Best Travel Gifts Under $50

How appropriate, "Come Fly With Me" by Frank Sinatra started playing as I was writing this post. "Pack up let's fly away!" If you or anyone you know gets excited at the thought of flying somewhere, anywhere, you may want to think of giving them a travel-related gift. I have curated a list of travel gifts, all under $50 for those who have been bit by the travel bug. Hey, feel free to give yourself something

An Illustrated Guide to Weird British Expressions

Britain and British folk are a weird bunch, and possibly their weirdest trait is their expressions. If you didn't grow up in this sovereign state but you're fluent in English, you might still find yourself not understanding what you hear when in the UK. While the origin of some of these expressions dates back a long way, these strange, bizarre, and wonderful expressions of speech find their way in modern times. (more…)

Tips To Make The Best Out of Your Trip To Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a charming Mexican town in the state of Jalisco that offers visitors sandy beaches, fun water sports, and colorful festivals year-round. Depending on your tastes and interests, you can enjoy a vibrant nightlife scene, boutique shops, a historic cobblestone town center, and the iconic Malecón, a beachside promenade with unique sculptures and a wonderful bar and restaurant selection. Need I say more? (more…)

Tips You Need To Know For Traveling With Kids

Summer vacations and family reunions are a part of life that all parents want to enjoy, but traveling with kids can be a difficult proposition. Kids can make what was once a quick flight or a simple drive into a complicated and stressful trip. Taking the time to plan and learning a few tips can make your trips much less stressful. With a little forethought and some ingenuity, traveling with children can be something that you

The Traveler’s Medicine Cabinet: Ailments To Avoid On The Road

When you’re out in the wilderness or a city you’re new to, getting ill can be a painful struggle. A lot of the illnesses that are common abroad are much more aggressive than the one’s you’ll have to deal with at home. And, you might be in a place that has weaker healthcare than your home. This makes it much more important to be prepared. (more…)

5 Tips to Plan the Best Trip to Abu Dhabi

Image via Flickr by Gilles Messian Abu Dhabi offers something for everyone. Combining history with modernity, this Arabian Gulf city offers many fun activities. Whether you're sunbathing on beautiful white sand beaches, shopping at luxurious centers, haggling at the many markets, taking a stroll along the harbor, seeing incredible architecture and museums, or riding fast rollercoasters, Abu Dhabi will give you a memorable trip. Below are a few tips to make your Abu Dhabi vacation go smoothly.

Exciting Things To See And Do In Morocco

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="751"] Image by Hindozine[/caption] Thinking about a holiday in Morocco? The country has long been a popular place for tourists – and for obvious reasons. There’s lots to see and do in the North African wonderland from the plains of the Sahara to the cool tides of the coast to the urban buzz of the bazaar. There’s practically an experience here for everyone. Here are some of my personal recommendations of top activities