Mechanics, Children, and the Doodhwala (Milkman)

Mechanics, Children, and the Doodhwala (Milkman)


Today, Josh, Shekhar, a rickshaw man and I went to town to see the mechanic because Josh wanted to know more about the insides of the rickshaw.  I decided to come along just because. I took a few pictures of these mechanics working, but I got bored quickly. I wasn’t very interested after 10 minutes, maybe because I am a girl.


But then I saw some kids playing on a rickshaw and my camera was instantly interested. Indian children are always fun to photograph.

rickshawkidrickshawkids3 rickshawkid2 rickshawkids4

The kids in the above photo are cracking up because a younger kid was messing with the goat and the goat was “attacking” back.  This happened a few times, and every time, they would laugh so hard. The kid wasn’t getting hurt. The family from a distance was laughing as well, and I was too.

family1 childrenfamilykidscartkidscart1

I love the kid in red on this one.


youngboysThese three kids came over and asked me to take photos of them. The young man in the middle wanted to be alone in the picture; this is him telling the other two guys to back up.


And they fixed their hair before this one. I tried to get the shot of them fixing their hair, but my little point and shoot wasn’t fast enough.



The ladies.womenlaundry

After some shots, one woman invited me into their house. (Camera shots that is.)

women2And as true Indian hosts, they offered me chai.


They had a ton of fresh milk, and this chai was basically hot fresh milk with spices. Very yummy.


Then, the doodhwala came by! There is no doodhwala (Indian milkman) where we live (20 minutes from this town), but I had heard of this, and I actually got excited to see him. Plus he was in a motorcycle. I did not expect this.


Doodhwala (Indian Milkman)


And he delivered some fresh milk jugs right infront of me.




Fresh Milk Jugs


Straining the fresh milk into the big pot.


Boiling the milk.

milk2 indianwoman1

Today, once again, India gave an unexpected fun day.

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