Weekly Small Pleasures #100

100?? Wow. I never imagined I'd keep doing this for this long. But I realized it's fun. It's fun and nice to look back on the week on a positive note, and even when my weeks were nothing but gloomy it has forced me to look for something good and to be grateful. I have realized that finding things, however small, to be grateful for in our day to day life, allows us to live

This Week’s Small Pleasures…?

So this week wasn't the best, once again, because I had oral laser surgery and I have to be in a liquid/soft diet for 7 days.No matter who you are, oral surgery sucks. It lasted for almost 3 hours, and it was an intense surgery for periodontitis. Here is a basic 1 minute video to show you what I went through. Oh, and it was done to every one of my teeth. (more…)