10 Reasons Why I Fell In Love With London

10 Reasons Why I Fell In Love With London

London is one of my favourite cities in the world, if not my favourite. I spent a year there and loved everything about it. It was very easy for me to fall in love with London. There are always things you like and don’t like about a place right? But truly, the only thing I did not like about London was the price. Expensive, yes. Wondrous, also yes.

The weather might be a deal breaker for some. But it was just fine for me.

10 Reasons why I fell in love with London:

london big ben

1. The international feel.

Everywhere you go you overhear different languages and not necessarily from tourists, there is a culture mix in a really good way. Multiculturalism at its best.

2. The museums.

The Tate Modern, the National History Museum, the Science Museum, the National Gallery. Some of the best museums in the world. They are all amazing and I can spend hours in them. And the fact that they offer free admission!

Southbank, London, UK

Southbank, London, UK

3. The beauty.

Maybe you wouldn’t think of London as beautiful. But for me, taking a walk along the Southbank promenade, and the river with views of the Big Ben, and the bridge, and the vast pristine parks, the Golden Hour light bathing its surroundings making everything look mesmerizing and feel delightful.

london uk

Hyde Park fountain

Hyde Park fountain

4. The parks.

I lived about a 5 min walk from Hyde Park, one of the largest parks of London. It was the best thing to be able to walk there whenever I felt like it and take a long peaceful walk, or bring a book and sit on the bright green grass and watch the royal swans glide through the water, and watch the fluffy squirrels chase their friends, watch the flocks of birds create art patterns in the blue sky, and watch lovers and friends laugh and kiss.

It was especially magical covered in snow.

Snowy Hyde Park

Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert Hall

london park squirrel

5. The Tube.

This may be an odd reason why I fell in love with London, but I love the London Tube (the metro system). As a person who has a broken internal GPS, and in my mind nothing is where it really is, the tube made my life very easy because it has stops everywhere around the city.

If you get lost, you can just take the tube back to a place you know. You can go across the city without worrying about driving on the other side of the road or worse, getting lost. You can meet friends wherever they tell you to meet, no issues. And after dark, when the tube closes, the bus public transportation is a saviour to get you home after a few drinks.

Neon Signs at the Tube, London

Neon Signs at the Tube, London

6. It’s in Europe.

Europe is just the best continent by far, sorry, not sorry. And one of the things that makes it so great is that neighboring countries are really quite close. You can drive or fly or take a train to a completely different country at a relatively close distance. Fancy a weekend getaway to Paris or Vienna? Easy peasy.

london night1

7. The shopping.

Oxford Street has everything you need. Of course, it is always crowded and full of tourists but I’ve literally had a few dreams about going shopping in Oxford Street. Covent Garden is also great for walking around, doing some shopping, and eating.

Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus

8. The accent.

Who doesn’t love a British accent? I do, and I love British people too. I get their humour. Since English is my second language, after about a year of living in London, I was starting to catch on the accent. I would’ve loved if it stuck, but after about a year of living the US, it went away. 🙁

london night

9. The style.

I’m totally into coats, boots and scarfs. That is my favorite outfit and it is so London. I may like wearing a bit more colour than local Londoners do, but nonetheless, I’m into it and black will always be in.

Tea time at the Washington Duke Inn

Tea time at the Washington Duke Inn

10. The tea.

I love tea! I’m definitely a tea drinker, not a coffee drinker. I’ve always been. My go-to drink in the morning is always black tea whether it is English Breakfast, Early Grey, Irish Breakfast, or Chai (if in India). I just love my tea. I don’t celebrate tea time like Londoners do, but I would love to. Scones, biscuits, tea sandwiches… I’m totally in.


More umbrellas!

So many umbrellas at Trafalgar Square.

and even the rain! I do love rainy weather.

And while English food might not be the best, the multiculturalism in the city makes up for it. Craving Indian, Italian, French? You’ll find great options for each and more. But I’m a little weird and do love some British food. Baked beans over toast and cheese? Love it. Fish and chips? Love it. Londoners are busy people, so they also have numerous excellent grab-and-go grub places. But more than anything, as mentioned, the tea and afternoon tea.

I think I was British in a past life. (And Italian in a different past life).

A ship in London, UKlondon gate

Do you have more reasons to be in love with London? 
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