H20 Around The World

I don't necessarily enjoy being in water, but I definitely enjoy looking at it. Fountains, waterfalls, beaches, rivers, lakes, rainy days... They all make up beautiful and peaceful sceneries. Water definitely has a calming attribute to it. (more…)

Nostalgia Around The World

It's nice to reminiscence sometimes, isn't it? And nowadays we can look back to many of our happy memories through available photos and video, which in turn, make us nostalgic. Nostalgia can be painful, but it's also a good thing. It means we lived through happy moments which became happy memories, fuel for our soul, and it also means we can create many more happy moments. I know I'm looking forward to the future, I know the

On The Edge Around The World

I like standing on edges. I like that feeling of adrenaline that they provide. I have the opposite of fear of heights, the higher the better. And some of the best views come from getting up high. I have gathered a collection of photos of me and other people standing on edges of things around the world. Don't worry, they're not scary (in case you do have a fear of heights). Enjoy!  (more…)

Mirrors Around The World

As you can see in the reflection of London on the Thames River above, we're not talking about literal mirrors only here today. We're talking about mirror reflections. Why are reflection photos so cool? Is it just me? I really like them. And apparently, I like taking photos of them too, even if they're not that good. (more…)

Sports Around The World

Sports Around The World
I'm not that passionate about sports, but I like them and have a pretty long history with them. I've had great moments gathering at friends' homes to watch Mexico play during the World Cup. I've watched Germany play at an outdoor place in Berlin during the Euro Cup with one of my best friends ever. And I've enjoyed watching the summer and winter Olympics and wishing I was doing some of those sports like horseback

Morning Around The World

It's safe to say I am NOT a morning person. Just ask anyone that has had to deal with me any time before 8am. And I'm not a coffee person either. I hear people can deal with people after they've had their coffee, I don't have a fix haha. The best thing is to not talk to me until after 9am. I honestly don't know how I survived all those mornings in school all the way

Narrow Around The World

I love narrow spaces. They are fun to me. Narrow bridges (better if they're hanging), narrow labyrinth paths, narrow alleyways in cool towns, narrow caves, narrow hiking trails overlooking cliffs... I guess you could say I'm the opposite of claustrophobic, I enjoy the thrill of spaces like these. The thrill where it feels like there is danger, but really there is none, okay sometimes there is, especially when you're hiking along a cliff.  (more…)

Details Around The World

I don't notice much. I'm a pretty distracted person. I wouldn't describe myself as observant. But I surely enjoy details when I pay attention, especially when it comes to art. But we can find detail in nature, architecture, engineering and even human organs. Below I've gathered a few detailed things from across my travels. Enjoy! (more…)

Looking Up Around The World

I'm very short so I tend to look up a lot. Sometimes we might miss something if we don't. We are so used to looking down at our feet when we walk that we often forget to see beyond. In this series of photographs I show you what I saw when I looked up a few times around the world.   (more…)

Dinnertime Around The World

I love food. Dinner might be my least favourite meal of the day but I still like it cause you know... food. Dinnertime looks very different in different parts of the world. The two cultures, Mexican and American, I'm most familiar with dinner is very different. The main difference being that the main meal of the day in Mexico is lunch, whereas in the US it's dinner. I've had dinnertime around the world many times. Check