Home Uses Of Vinegar In India


It took me 2 weeks to find vinegar in this city of Ahmednagar, MH, India. Approx. Population: 350,000.

I even googled the name in Hindi and my Indian friends still didn’t know what it was.

At first, I wanted white vinegar to make a homemade solution for washing vegetables and fruits.

Homemade Produce Washing Solution
1 cup Pure Water
1 cup White Vinegar (You can use lime juice in a pinch)
20 drops of grapefruit oil or extract (I don’t use this but it apparently works as a preservative/antibacterial/anti-fungal)

Mix all ingredients, pour in a spray bottle, spray veggies and fruits, let sit 5-10min, scrub and rinse.

But since I couldn’t find vinegar, I instead bought a chlorine solution. At the MPR, where we stayed before we moved to this house, and where tons of Westerners stay, they said they use a chlorine solution to wash their produce.

A small drop will do lots. And rinsing with warm/hot water is best.

IMG_2067 IMG_2066

I had given up on buying vinegar. But yesterday, we decided we wanted apple cider vinegar for the pesky gnats and fruit flies.

So I asked Adinath if he knew what vinegar was. He didn’t but he called someone, and he said he found some. So later that day, Shekhar took me to town to find it, and I did! I found both apple cider and white vinegars.

My homemade solution for getting rid of the gnats and fruit flies goes like this:

Homemade Fruit Fly Trap

Apple Cider Vinegar
A drop or two of dish soap

Pour ingredients in a small glass or container. No need to fill the container, less than an inch high would be enough.
Cover with plastic wrap.
Poke holes on the plastic with a fork.
And wait for all the gnats and flies to come in.
The plastic and the soap helps trap them once they come in. Somehow they can go in, but then cannot get out.

IMG_2057The flowers in the glass also help to trap them because they think they are entering Hawaii , of course.

4 thoughts on “Home Uses Of Vinegar In India

  1. vinegar in hindi is “sirka”


    1. I know 🙂 But even when I used the word in Hindi, a lot of Indians didn’t know what it was.


  2. Re washing fruit and veges ! After you have soaked the fruit etc, you say you rinse with water !
    Wouldn’t this recontaminate the fruit etc as the rinse water would be contaminated ???


    1. I guess I forgot to specify that I rinsed with bottled water.


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