Our First Pizza Night In India

Today was pizza night. We live in a small village, but they have one Domino’s in town. Today, Shekhar said we should have pizza night, so we did. It was a treat because we have been having a lot of Indian food, since we live in India and all, you know.

We weren’t sure what to expect from an Indian Domino’s pizza. We don’t even like Domino’s that much in the US (we are Papa John’s kind of people). The price was also about the same as in the US. So, very expensive for India.

pizza night

We tried to customize our own pizza online, but then had trouble ordering online. So Shekhar called and it was even more complicated to order exactly what we wanted so he simply headed to town to buy a pizza. The requirements were: onion, tomatoes and chicken.

He came back with this:

dominos pizza india

I guess it was the supreme pizza. It had all the toppings they offer: black olives, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, green pepper, corn, and chicken. It also came with packets of ketchup, oregano spice, and chili flakes.

The pizza was pretty good, I mean, we ate it all. We weren’t expecting much, and it was also kind of comfort food since we have been expats now for about 2 months.

dominos pizza india
Shekhar with his pizza

dominos pizza india

We will do this again, but not too often.

2 thoughts on “Our First Pizza Night In India

  1. You HAVE to try CHEESE BURST CRUST from Dominos India. When my husband and I first had it we couldn’t believe how tasty it was!! Dominoes in India truely beats dominoes in the UK x


    1. Haha! Next time we order pizza, I will definitely try the cheese burst crust. Thanks for the tip. 🙂


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