The Theme for 2014: “It is necessary to taste the vinegar, to appreciate the honey”

Rachel wrote this post to start the new year and I think it is the perfect theme to start off the new year. Read the post before my thoughts so they actually make sense.

My thoughts: I think it applies to so many things. I have experienced the vinegar to get to the honey many times in the past. It is about taking the risk, surpassing the fear, and jumping; and the bigger the risk the better the honey will taste. Primarily for me, I think there is a lot of “vinegar” to taste when one lives a life surrendered to God, but it will ultimately lead to the best of “honey”. Sometimes you get a glimpse of the bliss or a small taste of the honey along the way to keep you motivated to reach the goal of happiness or to get to the whole jar of honey. May you all find your jar!

Take nothing but pictures

Since it’s the new year, I thought a motivational post would be necessary. I know it’s “cliche”; everybody will probably write that this year is a NEW year which means a NEW YOU!! And give tips on how to accomplish your New Years resolution. Whether it be eat healthier,  work out more, be more optimistic,  etc. But I wanted  to write it from the other prospective. And you’ll see what I mean by the end of this (well I hope you do)

To begin, let’s talk about the title of this post. AKA the quote:

It is necessary to taste the vinegar, to appreciate the honey.

While I was traveling in New Zealand, someone told me this quote. At first I gave him a confused looked, and said why are you talking about vinegar and honey?  But after talking about it for a while it’s true and it makes sense…

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2 thoughts on “The Theme for 2014: “It is necessary to taste the vinegar, to appreciate the honey”

  1. So true. Thank you for leaving these thoughtful words of wisdom. And yes, He is our best friend.


  2. Thanks for the reblog!! I’m glad you enjoyed it 🙂 Hope you enjoy a good jar of honey for the new year!


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