Are Your Loved Ones Spread Around The World? The Sendly App Lets You Transfer Phone Credit

sendly app3

Want to pay your loved one’s phone bill? Transferring money between countries is often difficult and expensive. With Sendly, transferring phone credit is easy and fast.

Ever been in the middle of an important call with a friend or loved overseas and they ran out of pre-paid time credit on their mobile phone? Losing touch with your contacts is so frustrating! If only there was a way to send them some of your credit right away as a mobile recharge so you could finish the conversation and stay in touch…

Several apps for instantly transferring mobile credits have come and gone in the past decade. Some lasted for a while; others didn’t. Some were managed by major carriers and others were startups. A search for a mobile credit transfer service today reveals some shocking facts:

  • Transfer To was one service that started up in 2006 in India and expanded in 2009. Sadly, the service now seems inaccessible – no place to sign up – and the company was apparently absorbed by another company in late 2013.
  • Boost Mobile used to allow users to buy pre-paid mobile recharge cards and send part or all of the balance to another mobile. They discontinued their service – supposedly because of holes in their security system that allowed fraud.
  • Virgin Mobile also used to allow credit transfer but has discontinued the option except in cases of credit being transferred from a lost or broken phone to a new one.
  • Vodofone still allows credit transfer between subscribers in some countries, but charges hefty fees and strictly limits the amount that can be transferred in one transaction, as well as the number of transactions and total amount transferred in any time period.
  • Rebtel has a new mobile recharge app, Sendly, that allows you to send credits to just about any prepaid mobile phone – nearly anywhere in the world! All you need is the app and the phone number you are sending the credit to. This makes international mobile recharge a snap. Since Rebtel has agreements with over 60 mobile operators globally, fees are extremely low – around 12% of the transfer, or $1.20 per $10 worth of credit!

sendly app2

Remote mobile recharge options for friends and family members are especially appreciated in countries like India, where apps like Rebtel provide an affordable way to call internationally. Sendly is just another benefit mobile phone users can now take advantage of to stay in touch with their loved ones!

Disclosure of Material Connection: This is a sponsored post. Regardless, I only recommend products I use personally and/or believe will add value to my readers.

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