Magical Mystery Tour for Beatles Fans

The Beatle's "Strawberry Fields" were actually based on the ones in this picture. Liverpool, UK
The Beatles’ real “Strawberry Fields”. Liverpool, UK

If you are a Beatles fan, you’ll probably enjoy the 2-hour Magical Mystery Tour in Liverpool, UK. The bus takes you to all the Beatles’ childhood homes and a few other Beatles-related places like where Paul and John met and places that inspired some of their songs.

The tour ends at the Cavern Club where they played literally hundreds of times and your tour ticket includes a general admission ticket for that evening at the club.

Currently, tickets are £16.95 per person.

magical mystery tour liverpool beatles3

The tour starts at the beautiful Albert Dock where the colorful bus and a guide awaits.

12 Arnold Grove, the home and birthplace of George Harrison

George Harrison's childhood home
George Harrison’s childhood home

Harrison recalled the only heating was a single coal fire, and the house was so cold in winter that he and his brothers dreaded getting up in the morning because it was literally freezing cold and they had to use the outside toilet. The house had tiny rooms —only ten feet squared (about 100 square feet, about 9 m2) — and a small iron cooking stove in the back room, which was used as a kitchen. Describing the back garden, Harrison wrote it had “a one-foot wide flower bed, a toilet, a dustbin fitted to the back wall (and) a little hen house where we kept cockerels.” [source]

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20 Forthlin Road, the home of Paul McCartney before he became famous

magical mystery tour liverpool beatles8

The National Trust markets the house as “the birthplace of the Beatles”, since this is the place where The Beatles composed and rehearsed their earliest songs.

Paul McCartney's old home.
Paul McCartney’s old home.

251 Menlove Avenue, John Lennon’s childhood home

magical mystery tour liverpool beatles5
John Lennon’s childhood home.

The house, named Mendips, belonged to Lennon’s Aunt Mimi and her husband George Smith. The couple took John in at the age of five, after his mother, who was living with her boyfriend, was persuaded that it would be better for Mimi and George to take care of him. He remained at Mendips until mid-1963, when he was 22 years old. [source]

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The blue plaque reads: John Lennon 1940-1980 – Musician and Songwriter lived here 1945-1963

10 Admiral Grove, the childhood home of Ringo Starr

magical mystery tour liverpool beatles18
The street of Ringo Starr’s home

This was the house in which Ringo Starr lived for twenty years before he rose to fame with the Beatles.

Starr’s infant school, St Silas Primary School, on Pengwern Street, was yards away from his front door. He was a sickly child and due to his many absences from school, was taught to read and write at home. A severe bout of peritonitis led him to spend much of his seventh year at the Royal Children’s Hospital. [source]

Beatles Songs

magical mystery tour liverpool beatles9
Penny Lane
magical mystery tour liverpool beatles4
Strawberry Fields

St Peter’s Church Hall (where John and Paul met for the first time)

magical mystery tour liverpool beatles19

It is an active Anglican parish church and one of the largest parish churches in Liverpool. Its bell tower sits at the highest point of the city.

The Last Stop

Cavern Quarter, Liverpool, UK (Where The Beatles used to play.)
Cavern Quarter, Liverpool, UK
The Cavern Club, Liverpool, UK (Where The Beatles used to play.)
The Cavern Club, Liverpool, UK (Where The Beatles used to play.)

The Cavern Club, at Matthew Street, was where the Beatles’ (formerly known as the Quarrymen) UK popularity started. John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Pete Best were first seen by Brian Epstein at the club. Epstein eventually became their manager, going on to secure them a record contract. Best was replaced by Ringo Starr on 16 August 1962.

From 1961 to 1963 The Beatles made 292 appearances at the club, with their last occurring on 3 August 1963, a month after the band recorded “She Loves You” and just six months before the Beatles’ first trip to the U.S.

magical mystery tour liverpool beatles14 magical mystery tour liverpool beatles11 magical mystery tour liverpool beatles12 magical mystery tour liverpool beatles13 magical mystery tour liverpool beatles15 magical mystery tour liverpool beatles

The Beatles’ pub of choice

magical mystery tour liverpool beatles16

The Grapes Pub at the Cavern Quarter on Matthew Street, is where The Beatles used to down a pint or two in between gigs at the Cavern. In those days the Cavern was an alcohol free venue and The Grapes was the only traditional pub on Matthew Street.

At the end of the tour, you can also visit the really cool souvenir store and take a peek at the Beatles themed Hard Days Night Boutique Hotel.

I did travel from London to Liverpool just to take the tour and it was certainly very enjoyable.

6 thoughts on “Magical Mystery Tour for Beatles Fans

  1. Nice post! Something new for me! Bye. K.


  2. Nice post! Something new for me! Bye. K.


  3. Very nice post, and this is one unique theme 🙂


  4. Very nice post, and this is one unique theme 🙂


  5. The former beatlemaniac that I am, I enjoyed the tour.


  6. The former beatlemaniac that I am, I enjoyed the tour.


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