Cereal, Coffee, Cats and Mangoes

Cereal is the best food. Usually, if you ask me what the best food is I go with chocolate, and maybe sushi. But right now I think cereal is the best food. I just had a bowl. I hadn’t had a bowl of cereal in weeks I think. I used to eat cereal almost everyday. It was so good. It’s so simple, just some crunchy things combined with yummy milk. When I was done eating, I wanted more.

Cereal is good any time of day. I think I could probably live off cereal, especially if I am allowed to eat different kinds instead of the same one all the time. Even corn flakes, the simplest of cereals are good, although I do tend to sprinkle some sugar and cinnamon on these. I found out recently that corn flakes were invented to prevent masturbation. What?

I know. I thought I would never see corn flakes the same way again but I had some after having this knowledge, and it was totally fine.

I think I might go get a second serving of cereal when I am done with this post. I kinda want to go back to sleep, but I can’t. Long story. Not really, but I don’t feel like explaining why I can’t.

I love sleeping and I hate waking up early. I am NOT a morning person. I don’t function very well before 9am. I just had some coffee and I don’t drink coffee. At least not regularly. I admit I love Starbucks coffee, and the other day I ordered a macchiato at a local coffee shop and loved it. I just don’t like coffee made at homes. It’s too simple. It doesn’t taste good to me. Today I added thick and sweet creamer which made the coffee taste better. I don’t like the bitterness of coffee. That’s what it is. That’s why I like cold and frapped coffee because cold coffee is less bitter, and that’s why I like Starbucks, because they add yummy sweet goodness which I am all for. I live for sweets. But my regular pick me up is black tea.

I used to say: “I wish I liked coffee” because I’ve always felt like I could use the caffeine. Black tea doesn’t have enough. But whenever I do drink coffee my heart gets jittery.

I would love a chocolate croissant now. And I would love to not feel sleepy. And I would love to not feel chilly. And I would love to have a kitten. It looks like I will have a kitten soon enough. A few weeks probably. I’ve had cats before, but never a kitten.

I would love to be in Venice right now. Yep. Enjoying the picturesque scenery, the high waters, the gondolas, the sound of Italian, the sun (it’s crazy cloudy today)… with my husband, having a chocolate croissant, which is French, not Italian and some fruit. Did you hear that Indian mangoes were banned from the EU until 2015? I feel for the Europeans. Apparently they found some fruit flies. Fruit flies! They basically say they would rather be safe than sorry. We get mangoes from Mexico here in the US, so it’s all good. I ate a mango yesterday. I pulverized it into a smoothie. Mango is my favorite fruit.

I haven’t done free writing in a while and I’m starting to see that I could go on forever. So I better stop. Nonsense and randomness seems to be my specialty. I did win the Most Random Award in my High School Senior Awards. I don’t even know how that was a category but it was and I won. One of my proudest moments.

3 thoughts on “Cereal, Coffee, Cats and Mangoes

  1. This was awesome! Loved the random flow! Now I really want to know more about how corn flakes were invented to prevent masturbation lol


    1. Haha.. I was actually going to explain more about it but to do so I thought I would need to google more about it to give the correct facts and then I thought that it would defeat the purpose of the free writing exercise. So I left you all with curiosity about it haha.
      Here is one link about it: http://mentalfloss.com/article/32042/corn-flakes-were-invented-part-anti-masturbation-crusade


      1. wow!! That is crazy lol


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