Rose Festival City Fair, Portland OR

cityfair portland5

Portland’s CityFair comes alive for 3 full weekends every year starting on Memorial Day Weekend and it is part of the even bigger festivity, the Rose Festival. 

The colorful Fair houses several rides for kids and adults alike, local beer, games, live music, and more.

My husband and I enjoyed the atmosphere, the weather and the bright colors that surrounded us.

cityfair portland cityfair portland1 cityfair portland2 cityfair portland3 cityfair portland4 cityfair portland6 cityfair portland7 cityfair portland8 cityfair portland9 cityfair portland10 cityfair portland11 cityfair portland12 cityfair portland13 cityfair portland14 cityfair portland16 cityfair portland17 cityfair portland19 cityfair portland20 portland cityfair


2 thoughts on “Rose Festival City Fair, Portland OR

  1. Such fun and wonderful photos. I’ve never been there. 🙂


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