Strawberry Picking and Tomato Tasting in Durham, North Carolina

From 2010 to 2013 we lived in Durham, North Carolina and we got to know this amazing town. Did you know it won the title from Southern Living for “Tastiest Town in the South“?

There is a lot of amazing local food and chefs and craft beer and craft ice cream and craft donuts. My favorite restaurant, Guglhupf, is in Durham too.

So we partook in some down to its roots food related activities during the summer including strawberry picking and tomato tasting at the farmer’s market. I enjoyed both activities tremendously. 

We visited the Waller Family Farm for some strawberry picking. If you are in Durham, you don’t have to go very far to get to this farm which is very close to Duke University.

Picking starts around the last week of April, through May and into June.

But that’s not all the Waller Family has to offer; starting during the middle of strawberry season and lasting through December, they offer fresh picked veggies including spring onions, cabbage and squash, to their summer mainstays, tomatoes, sweet corn, sweet peppers, watermelon, cucumbers, and their fall items: butternut squash, collards, cabbage, turnips and more!

tomato tasting farmers market durham nc7
Durham’s Farmers Market

Let’s jump over to the Durham Farmers Market, in the heart of downtown Durham. They are open 12 months a year!

During the summer, they have an annual tomato tasting that is worth a visit to the market. This year, they had over 50 varieties.

tomato tasting farmers market durham nc
A local chef making a salad with fresh tomatoes.
tomato tasting farmers market durham nc1
Tomato Tasting July 2011

I just love all the bright colors of summer produce.

tomato tasting farmers market durham nc2 tomato tasting farmers market durham nc3 tomato tasting farmers market durham nc5tomato tasting farmers market durham nc6tomato tasting farmers market durham nc8tomato tasting farmers market durham nc9

I remember tasting sungold tomatoes for the first time this day and falling in love with them. Fast forward 3 years now and I can go to the backyard right now and pick some sungold tomatoes that our housemate planted! Happy me. I can’t believe I used to dislike tomatoes until adulthood.

Have you ever gone berry picking? Do you have a favorite tomato?
All waller farm photos by hubby.

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  1. Beautiful people in beautiful places…


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