Swacch Bharat: PM Modi’s Mission For A Clean India

Narendra Modi inaugurating Sadhu Vaswani Nursing College in Pune (source)

Whether you follow Indian politics or not, and whether you like or even know anything about India’s current Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, or not, this new campaign launch might be interesting to you as it is to me, and I will be the first to say I am not interested in politics.

Last Tuesday, he spoke a message in Bangalore about his intention to launch a cleanliness campaign in all government departments in the coming few days. This was his message:

Dear Friends,
I am sure you have heard time and again that cleanliness is next
to Godliness. Alas, things are often different when it comes to putting
this into practice.
On 2nd October we are launching Swach Bharat Mission, a
masive mas movement, that seeks to create a Clean India.
Cleanliness was very close to Mahatma Gandhi’s heart. A clean India is
the best tribute we can pay to Bapu when we celebrate his 150th birth
anniversary in 2019. Mahatma Gandhi devoted his life so that India
atains ‘Swarajya’. Now the time has come to devote ourselves towards
‘Swachchata’ (cleanlines) of our motherland.
I urge every one of you to devote at least hundred hours every
year, that is two hours every week towards cleanlines. We can’t let
India remain unclean any longer. On 2nd October I myself will set out
with a brom and contribute towards this pious task.
Today, I appeal to everyone, particularly political and religious
leadership, mayors, sarpanchs and captains of industry to plan and
wholeheartedly engage in the task of cleaning your homes, work places,
villages, cites and surroundings. I request your active suport and
participation in our collective quest o make a Swach Bharat.
Narendra Modi

Having spent a fair amount of time in India, I am excited about this campaign. Sure, right now they are just words, and many will be skeptical. Some are already pronouncing this mission to be “impossible.” Intentions are always important. We gotta start somewhere right?

You can read the message in Hindi and other languages, and watch the Prime Minister’s call for Swacch Bharat.

Along with a mission to create a change of cleanliness state of mind here are more details about the plans:

The mission aims to cover 1.04 crore households, provide 2.5 lakh community toilets, 2.6 lakh public toilets, and a solid waste management facility in each town. Under the programme, community toilets will be built in residential areas where it is difficult to construct individual household toilets. Public toilets will also be constructed in designated locations such as tourist places, markets, bus stations, railway stations, etc.

“The programme includes elimination of open defecation, conversion of unsanitary toilets to pour flush toilets, eradication of manual scavenging, municipal solid waste management and bringing about a behavioural change in people regarding healthy sanitation practices,” Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said. (source)

Do you think this a good thing? Do you think this is impossible?

1 thought on “Swacch Bharat: PM Modi’s Mission For A Clean India

  1. Well the first step to fix any problem is to acknowledge it exists. Bravo Modiji, you have won my admiration! Amazing that out of the decades of politicians in India you have finally emerged as the one to acknowledge and focus on this much needed area of India which cries out for attention. Once again a resounding Bravo! Yes I do believe it is good and I do not think it is impossible. This is going to be a trickle down effect, albeit slowly, but completely doable. When a country has a leader such as him, non-corrupt, sincere, enterprising, clean-cut image and has the welfare of the common man at heart anything is possible.



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