Featured On Not So British! Blog – Read My Full Interview!

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Carolina from Not so British! is a Portuguese girl who recently moved to England and reached out to me for an interview. With Share Your Story she wants to find people who are or were in the same situation as her or in a similar one – not born in the United Kingdom but who have moved there to study and/or work. She wants these interviews to be shared and possibly be helpful for many looking to make the move.

Here is a segment:

Carolina: Hello Mani! First of all, tell me a little bit about who Mani is and her background.

Mani: Hi! Well I was born and raised in Mexico City, moved away when I was 19 and have never gone back (to reside). I am 26 now, married and I live my life without plans. I move a lot, I travel, and I lead an unconventional life separate from society’s expectations.

Carolina: What made you leave Mexico when you were nineteen?

To read the full interview click here!

Carolina is new in England and new in the blogosphere too. Why don’t you stop by her blog and give her a warm welcome?


5 thoughts on “Featured On Not So British! Blog – Read My Full Interview!

  1. Thank you for taking time to be interviewed by me. A big hug from the UK! 🙂


  2. You’ve certainly experienced so much Mani! Great interview!


  3. Lovely Interview, Mani! Loved learning a bit more about you 🙂


  4. How fun! And your interview was great! What a cool idea for interviews – I may have to feature something like this on my blog one day. 🙂


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