Which Cities Recycle The Most On Earth

recycle world cities

As the world becomes more urban and industrious, humans are thinking of ways to try to save the natural state of our planet and take care of it with sustainable actions. One way is by recycling waste.

The Green City Index has provided an assessment that measures and compares cities in the world in terms of their eco-friendliness by measuring things like greenhouse gas emissions, waste management, water consumption and public transport. 

Some cities that made the top list include Copenhagen, Denmark (where they work hard towards carbon neautral goals), Curitiba, Brazil (where they work towards a current total of 52 m² of green space – making it literally the ‘greenest’ city in the world), Oslo, Norway (where they embrace renewable energy) and San Francisco, United States (where they have strict recycling programs getting close to a zero-waste future).

Learn more about these cities and other top eco-friendly cities in the world with the infographic below:

Thanks and credit to Expedia.ca

What do you like to do to be more eco-friendly?

2 thoughts on “Which Cities Recycle The Most On Earth

  1. Now I can feel extra proud of where I live. Thanks. A great article.


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