A Guide To Planning Your Euro 2016 Road Trip

euro 2016

Are there any football fanatics out there?  Maybe you are just planning on watching your team in its home nation. Or maybe you’re planning to follow your team over in France by taking a Euro 2016 Road Trip.

I remember in 2008 watching Deutschland play in Berlin at a free outdoor event where they set up a giant inflatable screen and so many people were there. It was so fun! Great atmosphere. I bet that even if you don’t like football, you would enjoy watching it this way; with a bratwurst on one hand and a beer in the other. 

Keep reading to find tips to plan your road trip to France, make sure you don’t miss the games that matter to you the most with this supporters’ guide to each stadium and the routes in between matches in France, home nations and Ireland. And before heading out on a road trip, make sure you make the right preparations for your car like choosing the best oil for your car and checking the tires’ air pressure.

If you didn’t get tickets for stadium games, you’ll also find below some of the best places to watch your favorite games in each host city with all the great atmosphere of the tournament.

euro 2016 road trip
Thanks for the graphic: TravelSupermarket

Are you planning on watching any of these games?

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