Around The World In 20 Street Foods

world street foods

When traveling, trying out the street foods is a great way to learn and soak in the culture of a place. You often find the locals selling and buying in these markets or stalls or stands, taking a quick sweet or savoury bite to go. It’s also very economical if you’re on a budget! Just make sure to try to be as hygienic as possible to avoid getting sick. Tip: if the same person is handling food and money, skip that place.

From better-known street foods like gelato in Italy and poutine in Canada to some not so known like bakso in Indonesia, and halo-halo in the Philippines, you can read below and learn more about each of these food items and some more from across the world.

street foods infographic world

Around The World In 20 Street Foods – An infographic by the team at

Do you have a favourite street food?

8 thoughts on “Around The World In 20 Street Foods

  1. Love your Around the World posts! I would try all of these street foods 😀 The Indian and Mexican ones are making my mouth water.. yum!


  2. I love the Arepas and vegetarian banh mi the best! Also patacones in Colombia were delicious! Mmmm… I’m hungry! 🙂


  3. Haha no! It’s too early for that! Apologies.
    You made me chuckle, though.


  4. You know what, I’ll have a falafel. That is the ultimate easy sandwich!


    1. I love falafel! I’ll have one with you, Jeff.


  5. Whoop! Whoop! Bubble tea’s the best 😉


  6. Great collection of street food!

    Here are a few more ideas for street food around the world which could complement the list:


  7. I gotta say that poutine is pretty high up on the list of my favourite foods.


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