The Perfect Vacation For Every Family Member

What makes the perfect family vacation? It has to be something that the entire family can enjoy, a place where they can experience something new as a family, and most importantly it has to be fun. In this article we will look at four different types of family vacations and why they will make your next family vacation memorable.

Skiing Trip

An ideal family vacation is a skiing trip. This combines the great outdoors with quality bonding time. One important factor to consider for family ski trips is whether the resort has a long run, this ensures that families spend more time on the slopes and less time loading and unloading their equipment. Whether your family is experienced or new to the sport it is a great way to spend time together. For less experienced families learning something new with their children can create a stronger connection than say a beach holiday. Most ski resorts also have top quality family facilities including restaurants and childcare for when the parents want some time alone.

Traveling Abroad

They say that travel broadens the mind and this is especially true when visiting a foreign country. Visiting somewhere with a completely different culture will open your children’s minds to the world. A country such as Japan is very different to America as well as being a very family friendly place to visit.

Tokyo is full of different activities a family can enjoy including a museum dedicated to children by world famous animator Miyazaki Hayao who created such films as Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke. Traveling to places like Tokyo is a great way for the whole family to learn about the world. Parents can enjoy the country’s rich culture and cuisine while the children get to experience a new way of living.

Tokyo by Cory Schadt
Tokyo by Cory Schadt

Holidaying with Friends

Sometimes the best way to spend time as a family is to not spend it alone. Kate Pietrasik, founder of children’s clothing label Tootsa, stated that her favorite family holiday consists of renting a big house in the country. This ensures spending time with family and friends, as it’s a great way for both parents and children to get away from their hectic lives for a while.

You can also go with other families who have children of a similar age to your own. This will make the holiday more exciting for your kids as they will be able to do activities with other children their own age group. A large group also makes it easier for the parents, as arguments will be less likely to happen and they get to spend quality time with their friends without having to constantly entertain the children.

photo by brandon morgan

Christmas Holiday

Family vacations are normally associated with the summer holidays. School is out and it is the perfect time for a long trip away. A Christmas vacation away from home can offer families something new and exciting. Visiting a new destination for Christmas is a good way to see how different cities or countries celebrate the holidays. For example, if Christmas is normally a cold affair, having a Christmas vacation somewhere hot is a completely different experience altogether. Instead of roast turkey you could be having turkey skewers on a BBQ in places such as New Zealand where Christmas is the peak of their summer. Staying in a hotel over Christmas also takes the pressure off parents to get everything ready, from decorating the tree to preparing the dinner.

What’s your favorite place to travel with family?

Written by Kaylin Aliyah
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3 thoughts on “The Perfect Vacation For Every Family Member

  1. I will be taking your advice for my next holiday as we definitely want to go skiing! =) Thanks for all the ideas Mani, it’s usually crazy to plan a vacation that is good for everyone, we always end up in the beach hehehe!


    1. Andrea, I would reaally recommend a skiing trip! Some of my best memories ever are from skiing trips with my family. You should totally mix it up and go for the mountains instead of the beach next time 🙂


  2. I love going to California especially to escape a bit of winter in Chicago. California has beaches, mountains and deserts and fun stuff for everyone! Thanks for sharing!


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