12 Classic Sauces Around the World and How To Make Them

Sauces really make a dish. They elevate them to the next level of deliciousness. You can also elevate a dish to a new level of fanciness by creating one of the classic sauces to go with it. The French can tell you about this as their cuisine revolves around the five mother sauces: Béchamel, Velouté, Espagnole, Sauce Tomat, and Hollandaise.

You’ll be familiar with Béchamel if you enjoy croque monsieurs and lasagnas. You’ll be familiar with Hollandaise if you love your eggs benedict. But have you ever attempted to make any of these at home?

If you’re not so much into the French ones, you can take a sauce trip to Argentina and try their chimichurri sauce made with green herbs, or England to try their bread sauce which actually is made out of stale bread.

With the infographic below you’ll find 12 classic sauces from around the world and how to make them.

12 Classic Sauces Around the World and How To Make Them

Infographic by: Quid Corner
How many of these have you made?

2 thoughts on “12 Classic Sauces Around the World and How To Make Them

  1. Im totally sucks in sauces but i love cook and never give up, this recipes and advices are so great! I guess its time to make some sauce once again! 😉


    1. They’re definitely tricky to get just right! But they add so much to a dish.


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