12 Subway Stations Around The World Worth Visiting


Whatever you call it, subway, metro, tube, it may have a bad reputation – unsafe, dirty, dark, smelly… but there are many subway stations around the world that are amazing pieces of architecture and art.

You will find these hidden underground gems in many different countries like Sweden, Russia, and Japan. In Stockholm, there is a station with exposed geological rock giving it a cave grotto-feel. In Saint Petersburg, you may think you just walked into a palace when you take the metro from the Avtovo Station, and in Tokyo, an architect who is also a sci-fi author, created a design with computer algorithms to give a station an alien-like atmosphere.

Read below about 12 different amazing subway stations around the world, places of interest at each one, and ticket prices.
Around The World In 12 Subway Stations

Around The World In 12 Subway Stations [Infographic] by Pettitts

How many of these have you visited? And which one would be your top pick in your wishlist?

4 thoughts on “12 Subway Stations Around The World Worth Visiting

  1. These all look so interesting! The closest one to me is in Stockholm, maybe I should visit it someday soon 🙂


    1. You totally should, and take lots of photos!


  2. Love this post! I had some difficulty using the Tokyo metro, and New York’s can be daunting too, with its express trains and such.

    My fave systems are London’s Tube, Paris’s Metro, and Moscow’s chandelier-filled subway.


    1. I’d have to agree on all those three as my top as well! 😀 Haven’t tried Tokyo, and NY has been a long while.


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