Around The World in 21 Craft Gins


We all know there is a major craft beer scene around the world, but do you know about the many craft gins? If you enjoy a good old-fashioned gin & tonic, you might be sticking to some known-well brands like Bombay Sapphire or Hendrick’s (my personal favourite), but across Europe and the Americas, there are some really amazing gins being made.

Starting with England, where they distil each bottle of Williams Elegant 48 gin over a hundred times, taking about 2 years to be ready to enjoy its juniper, apple, elderflower, and citrusy flavours.

The German Monkey 47 Gin, gets its numerical name not only from its 47% in strength but the 47 botanicals that go in it! Surely an explosion of flavours ranging from floral to citrusy, woody and spicy.

Over in Cognac, France, brandy might be the way to go, but gin is making its way into the limelight. The G’Vine Nouaison Gin, with a floral and fresh taste, is becoming a premier French gin.

Across the pond, in New York, they’re making a real international mix using Albanian juniper, Brazilian cocoa nibs, and Persian limes to create their Brooklyn Gin. And in Canada, juniper, cardamom, and ginger make their spicy way into the Ungava Canadian Premium Gin.

There are many more unique gins across the world! Check more of them out in the infographic below:

craft gin around the world

Around The World In 21 Craft Gins – An infographic by the team at Citybase Apartments

Which one(s) would you most like to taste?

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