10 Tips for Making a Good Trekking Even Better

Trekking is a brilliant way to explore the world. For those who like slow travel and a bit of adventure, it gives you time to take in the wonders of nature. It can be both peaceful and powerful, and you can put yourself in the middle of it. Any trek can be an amazing experience, but you can do lots to make it even better. Next time you plan to go on a trek, try one of these tips to make it easier and more fun.

1. Make sure you pack the correct clothing

trekking tips

If you like to go trekking, you know that you need to be prepared for strenuous activity. The ground can be tough to navigate, and you might be going up and downhill a lot. A good pair of trekking poles can help you to keep your balance. You’ll also want to prepare your clothing depending on the weather so plan in advance. If it’s cold, ensure you wrap up warm!

2. Plan relaxing breaks

Getting to your destination is your goal, but there’s still plenty of time to stop along the way. It’s important to take breaks so you can get your breath back. Have a cup of tea, look at the view and make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

3. Capture your experience

crimson trail utah trek

Being in the moment is important, but you might want to remember some of your trek for later too. If you enjoy having photos or even video to look at, don’t forget to take a camera along on your trek. You could even opt for a 360-degree camera and when you get back home, you can show your friends and family your experience in virtual reality and let them look around where you visited.

4. Ensure a good night’s sleep

You need a lot of energy to get through an arduous trek, so you don’t want to wake up tired. Sleeping somewhere new can be difficult, so do your best to get comfortable. You might book a room somewhere or perhaps just make sure you have a comfy sleeping mat.

5. Take your time

There might be some time limitations on your trek, depending on daylight hours and the weather. But it’s not a race to finish it, so take your time to ensure you can enjoy your surroundings along the way.

6. Pack lightly

A heavy pack is going to slow you down and could throw you off balance too. When you’re packing, think about what’s really necessary to have with you during the day. You can usually have more things transported to your next stopping point.

7. Start the day early

hiking utah

If you want to have time to go at your own pace, it’s always better to get an early start. You can enjoy the sunrise and possibly the cooler part of the day too before it gets too hot.

8. Focus on food

Staying fueled up is essential when you’re on a trek. You need as much energy as you can get, so feed yourself well. There’s no need to settle for freeze-dried packets of food if you’re able to pack fresh ingredients.

9. Go high-tech

If you’re able to use the Internet or GPS, some outdoor apps on your phone can be really useful. If you can’t stay connected, you can also find other apps that you can use offline.

10. Get an animal assist

Trekking is usually something you do on foot, but sometimes you can hitch a ride. If you want to skip a tricky stage, a pony, horse or mule could help you out.

What is your favourite place to go trekking?

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