Love is in the Air! Travel Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Ah, Valentine’s Day is on its way, and along with it comes many tons of flowers, boxes of chocolates, cards, meals out, and the rest. But let me ask you something: Do you remember what you did last February 14? Or how the one before that, or the one before that?

We’re going to take a gamble and say that while some details may stand out, the majority is lost to time. That’s why this year you need to step up the romance in life and do something that shows just how passionate you really are. Planning a romantic trip with your loved one invigorates a relationship, and will guarantee a valentine’s day to remember. Here are some travel ideas for Valentine’s Day:

Camping in the Great Outdoors

camping travel ideas

We’ll admit straight that this plan won’t be for everyone, but those it does appeal to can expect a romantic experience like nothing else. At any time of the year, camping brings people together. In winter, it really brings people together. Everything is slightly more difficult when there is snow on the ground, but do not be put off, because it’s utterly unforgettable.

You’ll batter down the hatches and have just the two of you inside the tent, keeping each other warm. Anywhere that looks like a winter wonderland will do, but nature lovers should take a look at Yosemite National Park. They keep a few campsites open during the winter and you’ll have the breathtaking park practically all to yourself!

The Great Lakes

Travel ideas for Valentine’s Day

Imagine a romantic weekend in Wisconsin, surrounded by the Great Lakes, with snow on the ground and a warming glow inside your accommodation. It’s enough to soften even the most love-weary traveller. The snow, extensive forests, and outdoor recreational opportunities afforded in the Great Lakes region mean there’s plenty of scope for romance in this destination. Go skiing or sledding during the day and unwind with a bottle in the evening. Simple, loving joys!

The Big Apple

central park nyc

New York City might not be the most original valentine’s day destination, but there’s a reason for that: it’s really really romantic! Plan your trip correctly and it’ll be a valentine’s day for the ages. Take a carriage ride through the snow-covered Central Park, check out the city’s (and thus the world’s) best restaurants, and share a bottle of whatever you fancy in one of the city’s many jazz clubs in the evening. You can also expect plenty of valentine’s day events to be taking place during your visit, so keep an eye on the listings!

Sun and Sea

Travel ideas for Valentine’s Day

Cold weather might be romantic, but let’s not pretend that sunshine isn’t always romantic. If that’s more your thing, cast your eye to Hawaii or Florida and have a sun filled day of lying by the beach, sharing cocktails, and holding each other in front of a magnificent sunset or sunrise. As well as romance, you’ll get the benefit of escaping the winter cold and hanging out in temperatures that will make you in love with life all over again – double win!

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