Everything You Need to Know About Coffee

Coffee is a way of living for many. Millions of people from computer programmers, construction workers, moms, and even nomads rely on it upon waking to start the day right. Coffee smell and a sip after, people feel instantly better. It even brings people together. How many times have you met a friend, coworker, client, or family for a cup of coffee? But how much do you really know about coffee? Check out fun coffee facts below.

When it comes to finding the best cup of coffee or an exotic kind, people are willing to travel. There are even lots of running jokes about coffee drinkers that illustrate “me before coffee, and me after coffee”, or “don’t talk to me after I’ve had my cup of coffee.” Are you one of those people? 😀

coffee travel

You may or may not realize that your cup of joe has gone through an incredible journey to get to your hands. Every coffee bean has a story beginning from its country of origin and eventually to your hands. Behind every cup of coffee is an amazing travel story.

So if you’re curious to learn more interesting coffee facts, this is your lucky day. Below you’ll learn where coffee comes from, who consumes it, types of beans and preparations, the most expensive coffee, weird coffee flavours available, and even the best type of cup to drink from.

Coffee facts

All commercial coffee comes from two main types of coffee beans: Robusta and Arabica. Each bean grows in a variety of countries around the world, but Ethiopia is the origin of both beans. Latin America, Central America, Africa and parts of Asia are great places to start if you want to get to the roots of coffee.

If you’re looking for unique flavors, you might not have to go far, as Dunkin’ Donuts has an apple pie flavor, Starbucks provides a Guinness draft flavor and at CoffeeAM, you can get spicy taco coffee! However, for more unique, exotic flavors, it will take some travel and money.

Coffee beans

The most expensive coffee, Kopi Luwak, runs about $600 a pound! It can be found in the Indonesian Archipelago and is produced from the feces of a cat-like mammal called the palm civet after it eats ripe coffee cherries. You read that right.

If that’s too expensive, you can get some Hacienda La Esmeralda for $350 a pound in Panama. It is known for its high-caliber fruity flavor.

These fun coffee facts and more are in the infographic below. It also dives into the different types of cups, such as the double-walled metal cup (like the ones available here), which is especially useful for traveling.

Everything You Need to Know About Coffee

Everything You Need To Know About Coffee

Now tell me, how do you take your coffee?

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2 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About Coffee

  1. Fun post! I’m a four-cup-a-day person, which is probably two cups too many. No cream or sugar for me, unless it’s from Starbucks, when I simply have to sweeten it a bit.


    1. At least your four cups are not filled with sugar. 🙂 You drink 4 more than I do haha.


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