Top 5 Off the Beaten Path Beaches In India

While India is full of incredible architectural wonders, and peaceful spiritual retreats, beaches are one of the most popular leisure and relaxing getaway destinations in India. This incredible country has spectacular beach locations scattered throughout and most of them remain mostly unexplored. Below you’ll read about five of the best off the beaten path beaches in India you must explore before they become too popular. 

The climate of India is humid, and during the summers it may become unbearable. So, visiting a beach in India to cool off is the way to go. But the best time to visit a beach in India is during fall or winter when its perfectly warm.

There are many beaches in India, owing to its geographical location. The sea bounds it on three sides – the Arabian Sea to the west, the Indian Ocean to the south and the Bay of Bengal to the east.

goa-india beach

India is a major health tourism destination and beaches are a primary location for such tourists. The seasides of India are magnificent, mesmerizing, and healing. They are covered with lush green trees on all sides and many have secret hideouts of pleasurable peace.

Tourists predominantly visit the famous beaches of Goa, Maharashtra, Bengal, and Kerala. While these are great options, most miss out on several other magical beaches across the country. There are a number of beaches in India that are hidden and unexplored by most. We can call them off the beaten path.

These beaches may have been underrated due to the lack of their popularity, the geographical location, and may even be due to the difficulty in accessibility.

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Top 5 Secret Beaches to Explore In India

Ranpar Beach, Maharashtra

Ranpar Beach, Maharashtra

Ranpar Beach in the state of Maharashtra hardly has any tourist infrastructure other than a few locals with their fishing boats and equipment. The beach, however, is sure to captivate any visitor. It has bright blue waters, and the smell of the wet sand and fresh sea breeze is mesmeric. This is a perfect spot for a relaxing getaway.

You can laze around on the beach and due to its unexplored properties and unpopularity; there are hardly any or no tourists on the beach. It can be like your own personal paradise while you’re there. This beach is far away from any commercialization around in the busy state of Maharashtra. Ranpar Beach and its extended blue pristine water and fresh sand will revitalize you before getting back to busy life.

Bangaram Beach, Lakshadweep Islands

This is one of the beaches in the Lakshadweep Islands where you can consume alcohol. The beach has a wide variety of biodiversity, and it is a spectacular place to visit. There are many birds in and around Bangaram Beach.

The primary reason why the beach remains unexplored is that it is a little difficult to access from the main island of Lakshadweep. But if you love experiencing nature’s beauty and wildlife, this is the perfect beach destination for you.

The beach also features breathtaking scenic beauty and the landscape is a view of awe. There are some water activities as well that are offered at this beach. Scuba diving, deep sea fishing, and snorkeling are among those various activities offered here.

Gokarna Beach, Gokarna

Gokarna Beach, Gokarna

Gokarna Beach in Karnataka is a beautiful beach that gives out a peaceful vibe and calmness. This beach is among the best beaches in India and has great potential. There are infrastructures for tourism nearby being built recently.

The scenic beauty that the beach has is inexpressible. Gokarna is also a Hindu pilgrimage spot; as a result, there are many people who visit the city for its spiritual and religious aspect. Only recently did people gradually start exploring the beach side of Gokarna. This beach is off the beaten path and still far from being entirely explored. But there are a vast number of facilities for visitors at this beach.

Paradise Beach, Pondicherry

India beach

Paradise Beach has an apt name as the beach does resemble good aspects of paradise. It is a fantastic place for relaxing and lazing around. The primary reason as to why this beach is off the beaten path is due to the inaccessibility factor of the beach.

It is quite a distance away from the main town of Pondicherry. You need to reach the beach via a ferry through the backwaters. But the journey is worth it. This beach is among the best in India for its beauty and cleanliness. The distance from the city gives this place an ambiance that radiates peace and calm.

Secret Beach, Kerala

Secret Beach, Kerala

As the name suggests, this beach in the state of Kerala is secretly located amidst the lush green marvelous palm and coconut trees. This beach is nearest to the city of Allepey and always has a robust atmosphere at the beach.

Secret Beach is an exotic hideout away from the real world. It resembles peace, calm, and serenity. There is hardly anything at the beach other than a few locals catering to the tourists that do come. These locals are amazing people, and the people at the beach offer an amazing opportunity to learn about the culture of the place. You can also taste the various local foods from the food stalls set up near the beach by the locals. An incredible experience is found here.

There are many other unexplored and virgin beaches on the map of India. They have the resources, but due to the lack of infrastructure, there is hardly any tourist flow in the areas. But whenever anyone visits these beaches, they would happily come back.

The Butterfly Beach of Goa, Guhagar Beach of Maharashtra, Mandarmani Beach of West Bengal, and the Yarada Beach of Andhra Pradesh are among the other unexplored beaches in India.

Have you been to any of these off the beaten path beaches in India? Or which of these would you like to visit?

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Off the Beaten Path Beaches In India

  1. Wow those beaches are gorgeous! I visited Andaman Islands a few months ago and the beaches there were absolutely fantastic too!


    1. Yes, India has surprisingly or maybe not so surprisingly lots of great beaches!


  2. wow this is a very lovely place, I would like to visit there


  3. Wonderful beaches Have heard of only Gokarna Beach out of these all beaches…


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