5 Top Places For Foodies To Visit In Portugal

If you’re planning on visiting Portugal, or if you are just passing through on a tour of Europe the country has a lot to offer. Be sure to check out the list below of five must-visit regions and cities in Portugal to eat the best local food.

Some of us travel for adventure, some for us for total relaxation and some of us like to discover local delicacies, but in this article we’ll be focusing on the food of Portugal. Portugal is a relatively small country, but when it comes to local cuisine it certainly packs a punch. You’ll go back home savoring those bites for a long time.

1. Porto

5 Top Places For Foodies To Visit In Portugal - Porto

The city of Porto, the second largest in Portugal, is also known by the name ”Oporto”. Porto boasts an excellent range of wines and famous dishes from northern Portugal. A great way to discover Porto is by visiting the ”Bolhão”, a food market in downtown Porto. When you book a tour, you will be able to taste a variety of delicacies, washed down with a number of wines.

2. Lisbon

5 Top Places For Foodies To Visit In Portugal - Lisbon

In Lisbon, the famous specialty is the custard tart, consisting of cream sugar and eggs. Locals call them ”Pastel de Nata” or ”Nata”. Sample them in one of many shops around Lisbon. You cannot leave without trying one.

Perhaps the most famous shop is the Pasteis de Belém, located near Jeronimo’s monastery. It claims to sell thousands of the same pastry every day. There are also other shops that are worth a visit, such as the Manteigaria, Nata Lisboa, Confeitaria Nacional, and Pastelaria Aloma.

3. Évora

5 Top Places For Foodies To Visit In Portugal

UNESCO considers Evora as a world heritage site. This picturesque city in the Alentejo region dates back to the Roman Empire and has an extensive history to tell. With dishes that include lamb, pork, olive oil, onions, mint, and cheeses as some of the main ingredients, the food in Evora is one of its main attractions.

Your mouth will water at the sight before local dishes including soups, bread, and desserts. One local traditional specialty that should not be missed is the ”Alentejo Bread”, which you can eat at any time of the day.

4. Faro

5 Top Places For Foodies To Visit In Portugal - Faro

This city is located in Algarve (Faro District) in southern Portugal. It boasts sunny weather and many gorgeous beaches. One famous foodie specialty of the Algarve region is the ”Feijoada”, a stew made with a blend of pork meat, herbs, and vegetables.

If you are looking for lighter options, have some ”Petiscos de taberna”, made of sausage and various seafood ingredients. Perhaps also try the Caldo Verde, a healthy stew consisting of potatoes and kale.

5. Douro Valley

5 Top Places For Foodies To Visit In Portugal

This valley in northern Portugal is where you can discover the art of winemaking. It is a source of pride for the local inhabitants, since it is, along with Évora, another UNESCO world heritage site.

A must-have local dish is the salted cod, known by the local name of ”Bacalhau”. If you are interested in nibbles with your wine, the goat and sheep cheeses are good options. The octopus is also a local specialty of the Douro valley. In Armamar, visit the ”DOC”, a famous restaurant beside the Douro river, considered to have some of the greatest octopus dishes in the city.

Which of these places would you love to visit first?

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4 thoughts on “5 Top Places For Foodies To Visit In Portugal

  1. I love, love, love Portugal. I never made it to Porto, and canceled plans for Evora in favor of spending an extra night in Lisbon and two extra nights in Lagos, near Faro.

    Must. Get back. Soon. For Custard. Tarts.


    1. Haha. I bet it wasn’t too bad spending more time in Lisbon and Lagos but yeah I’ll take a trip to Portugal any time. Hi Scott!


  2. It has been 25 years since I have been to Portugal…gotta get back…your post has inspired me!


    1. I bet some things have changed 🙂 But still charming and lovely as usual.


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