Useful Tips To Help You Prepare For A Long Distance Move

Moving is undoubtedly stressful, but a long-distance move is even more challenging. It’s not only expensive but also requires extra effort. 

Especially if you’re moving within or to a populous city where you have to face heavy traffic, and finding a parking space is no walk in the park. 

But if you take the time to plan your move carefully, you can reduce the amount of stress and problems that you may encounter during the process. This article will provide a few tips to make your long-distance move as smooth as possible. 

Let’s get started.

Take Advantage of Storage Units

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When moving long distances, you may have to make tough decisions, such as what you need to do with your belongings. You may not have the space to keep everything in your new home, and you might not want to get rid of everything you own. One solution to this problem is to rent a storage unit.

Storage units also save you from facing major problems on moving days. Especially if you are moving to a populous city like Indianapolis, you will encounter heavy traffic, which will slow down your moving process. Furthermore, you might need time to think about what to do with a lot of stuff.

The rooms in your new home might be smaller, or you may need to make space for some things before they can be welcomed into your new home. The best solution would be to rent a self-storage unit. Search for the best Indianapolis self storage units to avoid the hassle of transporting too much at once. If you’re moving to another city, search for suitable storage units within your vicinity. 

Hire a Moving Company

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While making your move, the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your belongings will arrive safely at your new home. That’s why it’s essential to hire a good moving company to help with your move. According to a report, the United States has 18.500 moving companies that are operational. With so many options available, make sure to choose the right one.

A good moving company has experience with long-distance moves and can handle all the logistics of your move. Take some time to research and find a good moving company you can trust. Your move will become much less stressful, and you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your belongings are in good hands. A lot of them can even help you pack and unpack!

Get Rid of Things You Don’t Need

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When relocating to a new city, be mindful of what you pack. After all, you’ll most likely get charged by weight, so it’s crucial to bring the necessary items only. 

To aid you in decluttering your home, we’ve created a list of items you can get rid of before your long-distance move: 

  • Clothes you never wear:

Go through your clothes and throw away anything you haven’t worn within the past year. Donate any extra clothes, such as those you might have worn too much or don’t wear at all. 

  • Duplicate items:

Do you really need two coffee makers? If you have duplicates of items in your home, get rid of them.

  • Outdated electronics:

That outdated TV may have sentimental value, but it’s probably not worth moving. Unless you plan on using it in your new home, get rid of outdated electronics before your move.

  • Heavy furniture: 

Moving heavy furniture is difficult and expensive. If you can live without a piece of furniture, sell it before you move or, as mentioned above, place it in a storage unit before you decide what to do with it. 

Sorting out these items will not only make your move comfortable, but it will also save you money. Moving companies charge by the pound, so the less you have to move, the less it will cost. And if you sell some of your unwanted items, you can make some extra bucks to help finance your move.

Pack an Essentials Box

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Packing a moving day essentials box is a crucial part of any long-distance move. This box will contain all the items you need to keep your family safe and comfortable on the first day of moving. Some of the things you should include in your moving day essentials box are:

  • A first aid kit
  • Extra clothes for everyone in the family
  • Toiletries
  • Non-perishable food and snacks
  • Paper plates and cups
  • Plastic utensils
  • Cleaning supplies
  • A flashlight and batteries

Pack this box a few days before your move so that you don’t have to worry about it on moving day. This way, you will have what you need to get through the first few days in your new home.

Purchase Moving Insurance

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Despite your best efforts and that of your chosen moving company, accidents can happen during a move – which is why it’s a good idea to purchase moving insurance. Depending on the value of your belongings and the distance from your previous home to the new one, you may consider different types of coverage.

For a long-distance move, it would best to purchase full replacement value protection. This type of coverage will reimburse you for the full cost of replacing your belongings if they are lost or damaged during transit.

Of course, moving insurance is not required, but it can give you peace of mind knowing that your belongings are protected in case of an accident. So, if you are moving long distances, talk to your moving company about your insurance options.


Moving long distances is a major turn in your life, so it should be a memorable moment. But the challenges of the moving process make it difficult to enjoy this journey. However, effective planning and strategy can make your long-distance move go more smoothly. So, if you’re feeling stressed about your upcoming move, follow the tips mentioned above to make the process much easier.

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