Being Silly on a Ski Trip in The French Alps

Being Silly on a Ski Trip in The French Alps

Some years ago I went skiing to Val d’Isère in the French Alps with one of my best friend’s family. It was a very fun trip.

Val d’Isère is in the Rhône-Alpes region in southeastern France. It lies 5 km (3 mi) from the border with Italy.

Before this trip, all of my skiing trips had taken place in North America (Colorado and BC); this trip was a bit different. The major difference was that I was able to take off my jacket on the mountain because it was warm! There is no way I could do that in Whistler.

val disere skiing france8

The mountains were stunning, with views of blue and white for miles.

val disere skiing france17 val disere skiing france3

My Spanish friend, Carolina and I had a lot of fun together and enjoyed being silly on the mountain.

val disere skiing france1 val disere skiing france4

She’s a bit crazier than me.

val disere skiing france5

The ski dance.

val disere skiing france19

Which one do you think is whiter, my smile or the snow?

val disere skiing france6val disere skiing france2val disere skiing france18val disere skiing france21val disere skiing france7

Then we decided to remove our skis and slide down the hill, because why not?

val disere skiing france10

Off we go…

val disere skiing france11


val disere skiing france12 val disere skiing france13

The skiing boots give us a silly-looking walk.

val disere skiing france14

We got some serious skiing done too.

val disere skiing france15

And we chilled and had some food at the resting spot on the mountain.

val disere skiing france16

See? No jacket.

val disere skiing france9

val disere skiing france20

Exhaustion laughter at the lockers after a full day of skiing.

 Have you ever been skiing in Europe? Which is your favorite skiing place in the world?
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