Keeping Portland Weird

[caption id="attachment_4316" align="alignnone" width="660"] Darth Vader wearing a kilt riding a unicycle.[/caption] You may or may not have heard Portland, Oregon's motto, slogan, tagline, whatever you wanna call it: "Keep Portland Weird." Portland is known for its weirdness, which has been exposed by the Portlandia show, but Portlanders love it and embrace it. I was known to be pretty weird when I was younger, very often described as "random." Random was and probably is one of

Street Life In India

India is one of the most spiritual countries in the world, and though peace can be found internally or at specific places, its streets are always lively and bustling and moving and colorful, even in rural areas. In fact, a lot of Indians spend most of their time in the street instead of at home, whether it is working, farming, selling, driving, playing (cricket), doing laundry by hand, herding buffalo or cows, transporting goods, or