Street Life In India

India is one of the most spiritual countries in the world, and though peace can be found internally or at specific places, its streets are always lively and bustling and moving and colorful, even in rural areas. In fact, a lot of Indians spend most of their time in the street instead of at home, whether it is working, farming, selling, driving, playing (cricket), doing laundry by hand, herding buffalo or cows, transporting goods, or even just having a cup of chai out in the “porch”.

You can see for yourself with these wonderful series of photos:

india street busy

Playing cricket. A very important thing in India.
Playing cricket. A very important thing in India.

india street train1 india street rickshaw india street children india street cows

two kids men bricks billboard sari bike procession young boy motorcycle

Fresh sugarcane juice machine.
Fresh sugarcane juice machine.
tata truck india
The common TATA truck in India.
Loading the ready Ganesh statues into the truck.
Loading the ready Ganesh statues into the truck.

family 20130725_160017 20130725_155700


indian men truck

All photos were taken by me in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra and the rural area near it between the years 2009 and 2013.

This post is in response to the weekly photo challenge: street life.


11 thoughts on “Street Life In India

  1. Wow simply amazing shots, i have always wanted to go to India, now even more so..sighs…


  2. Loved your photos of Indian street life. Brings back memories of when I visited many years ago, a quite amazing country!


    1. Thank you! There really is no place like it.


  3. I kept smiling when viewing your pics because it’s so India, and I truly enjoyed my travels over there back in 2010-2011. Love the kid on the motorcycle 🙂


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