The Stunning Waters of Cancun, Mexico

The Stunning Waters of Cancun, Mexico

My favorite thing about Cancun is the water, the perfectly warm, turquoise water. While you might visit Cancun for its all inclusive resorts and nightlife, it has so much stunning nature and water bodies to offer. Full of stunning beaches, revitalizing cenotes, alluring natural sea aquariums, and refreshing pools, taking a dip in Cancun is quite the memorable experience.

See some of the ways you can experience the waters in Cancun:

The Beaches

cancun mexico beach1

The Caribbean seas are the best. The temperature is always perfect, the sand is white and soft, and the water is a beautiful array of blues and greens.

cancun mexico beachcancun night mexico

The Cenotes

cenote cancun mexico 1

A cenote is a natural pit, or sinkhole resulting from the collapse of limestone bedrock that exposes groundwater underneath. The word cenote comes from the Yucatec Maya “ts’onot” meaning “well” or any location with accessible groundwater.

Cenote water is usually really clear and fresh as it comes from rain water that has been filtered through the ground. It is absolutely a pleasure to jump into a cenote and recharge your soul with these natural waters.

cenote mexico cancun 2

You’ll find many smaller cenotes like one pictured near and around Cancun, with more than 7000 of them in the Yucatan Peninsula. Or you can seek out some of the most jaw dropping, deep water, cave cenotes around the area.

cenote cancun mexico

The fresh dolphin pools and snorkel sea beds at Xel Ha

cancun xel ha dolphins

Xel Ha is an aquatic experience theme park and one of the famous eco parks in the Riviera Maya. It is a bit of a way from Cancun (76 mi or 122 km) but a day trip is worth it. The park is named after a Mayan archeological site.

Activities include: swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, scuba diving, zipbike and more.

cancun xelha mexicocancun xel ha dolphin

cancun xelha mexico 2

Snorkel and scuba site in Xel Ha.

cancun mexico xelha

Infinity Pool

cancun pool mexico

Seek out an infinity pool at a hotel or condo where you can swim and relax in calm waters while looking out to the beautiful vast ocean and the horizon. This is especially magical during the sunset.

Cancun definitely has its charm in spite of its touristy aspect.

What is your preferred body of water to swim in?

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