First Time Grocery Shopping (in Ahmednagar)


On Monday, July 22, I went grocery shopping in Ahmednagar for the first time. It wasn’t easy. Ahmednagar is a small town, so American known items are super limited. It may be a different story in Indian big cities.

I bought a bunch of stuff I have no idea how to cook but I figured I have to learn. Indian basics like moong dal, groundnuts, lots of Indian spices, frozen paneer, and raw chana (chickpeas, which I’ve only used canned before.)

I was happy to see they sold olive oil and Quaker oats. Also some of my Indian favorites: mango and litchi juice. I was surprised I couldn’t find cashews. I thought they were common here since so many Indian sweets are made with cashews.

I wished grocery stores had a nice produce section and pasta sauces.

I bought essential tea, pistachios, Q-tips also.

This might be too much information but during the middle of my shopping, I started getting cold sweats and then quickly needed to find a toilet, which luckily I did, to release some diarrhea. This I feel is part of the Indian experience.

It took me about 2 hrs to do the shopping, to learn where things are, what they actually have and figure out what things were. Much learning to do still.

Screen shot 2013-07-22 at 7.20.15 PM

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