No Privacy Shock

We are very happy to have so much help from the locals to help us setup in our new home, but sometimes it gets too much.

The next morning after moving in, Shekhar, who has been helping us, made breakfast for us and it was sweet. But he kept coming back every morning (and day and night) to ask if we needed anything. I do appreciate it but on the third morning when he came knocking on the door and we were still in bed, it started to frustrate me. That morning, I couldn’t walk from the shower back to my bedroom without the fear of being seen.

I just wanted to use my own kitchen and make my own tea and breakfast, with privacy.

There is definitely irony in this because when I lived in Mexico, we always had maids for cleaning and cooking. They are very common there. Then I moved to the US and missed my maids when I had to do ALL the cleaning and cooking. Then I came to India and now I miss the privacy and my own space that I had in the US.

This is the human nature, we are never completely satisfied with our current situation.

This morning, he was here again, unannounced, at 9:30am with an electrician; I was taking a shower and he yelled: “Mani, do you want some tea?!”

In my mind, I was like. “really?”

2 thoughts on “No Privacy Shock

  1. So happy to have found your blog– you write so beautifully about adapting to your new life in India 🙂 This post definitely resonates.. the popping of my personal space bubble is definitely one of the hardest parts about leaving America for me!


    1. Thanks Molly! I am starting to get used to it haha. But I still and probably always will enjoy the quiet private times.


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